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About Me:

I am the Owner and Author of these advertising-free informative web sites:
Now flying, rolling or under construction:
  • Hoverthings FLIP FPV Pro Quadcopter with Pixhawk, 14" props, KDE 515kv motors, telemetry, Sony AS100V Video Camera, Brushlesss Gimbal and FPV.
  • Custom CF tube H/dead-cat Quadcopter with Pixhawk, GoPro, Gimbal & FPV.
  • Hoverthings FLIP Sport Quadcopter with PX4.
  • ARF DJI FlameWheel 330 Quadcopter with PX4.
  • ARF DJI Flamewheel 450 Quadcopter with APM 2.5.
  • Blade 200 QX, Hubsan X4 and Estes Nano Quadcopters.
  • My design: Hanging pendulum style robot with 2 brushless 26" bicycle wheels.
  • Traxxas Stampede 4x4 Rover with PX4.

Professional History:
  • (Retired) Microcomputer Engineer, Hardware and Firmware.
  • (Past) Lead Editor of DIYDrones APMcopter, APMplane and APMrover wikis.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
  • Reentry into RC Planes 3 years ago.
  • Lots of PIC hardware and C and assembler programming experience.
  • Currently interested in Quadcopter development, robotics, 3D vision, environment relative autonomous navigation, Linux, Beagle Bone, Odroid, TOF cameras and LIDAR.

Mendota Illinois

Latest Activity

Gary McCray commented on Olivier's blog post Two Ardupilot News Items: Copter 3.5; The Solo Lives On
"Great job guys, I will be getting a Cube for one of my Solos. I've got to see for myself what you have accomplished. Best regards, Gary"
Jul 28
Gary McCray commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Inline multirotor/hoverbike prototype
"And he looked just like an ordinary person before his first test flight!!! :)"
Jul 25
Gary McCray commented on's blog post Introducing AIrVator.
"Hi Xrotors, Won't work, fixed pitch props do not scale to use for hovering vehicle as you are showing. It's that simple a fixed pitch manned quadcopter cannot respond quickly enough for either maneuvering or for gust and wind…"
Jul 12
Gary McCray commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones at 85,000 members -- a look back at an extraordinary decade
"Hi Chris, I agree about the autonomy thing, although when DIYD all started back in the Pleistocene, autonomy was a pretty illusive capability. State of the art was the IR horizon detector. In reality RC multicopters are kind of a hybrid by…"
Jul 8
Gary McCray commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones at 85,000 members -- a look back at an extraordinary decade
"Hi Quadzi, There are several FPV racing sites on Facebook, I belong to a couple, but they lack a centralized format and except for frequently repeated request for the same information they don't have a coherent resource. I'm not sure DIYD…"
Jul 7
Gary McCray commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post DJI issues forced update to GO 4 app
"Hi Enal, although there are other autopilots that will run ArduPilot (what you probably want), the best and best supported one is almost certainly the Pixhawk Cube from ProfiCNC, also look at the arducopter links at the top…"
Jul 6
Gary McCray commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones at 85,000 members -- a look back at an extraordinary decade
"Hi Chris, I agree, you had a lot to do with the rise of "drones" quadcopters with autopilots in particular and I like to think I did some good for a time there as well. But as you said, time has moved on and drones especially quadcopters…"
Jul 6
Gary McCray commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post DJI issues forced update to GO 4 app
"Hi Nikola and Dusan, The fact is that ArduPilot is the open source basis of all the code that the Solo uses.3DR took it off grid with some of the control stuff, but you will find most of it and better in the current versions of Arducopter. And…"
Jul 3
Gary McCray commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Intel cancels Edison, Joule boards
"Hi Jiro, Intel's little Atom (and larger) micro PC's have been interesting to me too. Do you know if Win10 ROS is fully supported on UP's boards? Or is it better to go with Linux? Best Regards, Gary"
Jun 19
Gary McCray commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Intel cancels Edison, Joule boards
"Interesting after establishing themselves with a revamped calculator chip (the 8008) and then becoming a main stream player with the 8080 and its microcontroller variant the 8085, Intel now finds it doesn't fit in the microcontroller market…"
Jun 19
Gary McCray commented on Alex Frye's blog post Project Conclusion
"Loved your build video. Looked like something went wrong with the aileron controls to me. I noticed in the build video you tried a gas engine, what was that and why did you decide to go electric? Not a bad looking design to me, but it looks like the…"
Jun 6
Gary McCray commented on Jack's blog post Turnigy graphene review: can it increase flight time?
"Graphene has great potential for improving LiPo batteries, but it is still used more as hype than realizing it's true value.Since graphene can simply be used as an any amount additive with conventional LiPo batteries, it is impossible at this…"
Jun 6
Gary McCray commented on Yutaca Sawai's blog post Biomechanical simulation of Artificial Aquatic & Marine Animals
"Great to see your amazing work as always Yutaca, I definitely see shades of Davinci in your work in more than simple mechanics too. My mother once asked me why if everybody was going one direction did it seem I was always going the other. I who had…"
Jun 5
Gary McCray commented on alexis lussier desbiens's blog post Aquatic drone with passive VTOL
"Excellent work guys, really simple, but very effective. Interesting landing technique - nose dive, I assume a simple horizontal water land is also possible and maybe also go to vertical and tail sit. and Rick Yonika, any video of it in actual…"
Jun 5
Gary McCray commented on Jack's blog post Quadcopter brushless motor: which brand is most popular one?
"Interesting you left out KDE which I consider to be the best. I use them on several quadcopters and think that they are very well designed and actually perform as specified. They…"
Jun 4
Gary McCray commented on Kostas Alexis's blog post Open-source: Localization Uncertainty-aware Exploration and Mapping Planner
"Really excellent work guys, Would really like to know more about the sensor and computing hardware you used and whether it is all on board the copter or not. Best Regards, Gary"
Jun 2

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Gary McCray's Blog

Fun for Christmas - Replacing a light bulb with a drone!

Posted on December 27, 2016 at 2:30pm 1 Comment

First - You need a lot of light bulbs:

A friend sent me this and it seemed perfect for a little Christmas cheer.

Sony FDR X3000 4K Action Cam

Posted on December 4, 2016 at 8:52pm 9 Comments

Hi All, Sony has actually given us something to think about.

The Sony FDR X3000 Action Cam has 4K resolution, but for our use, the BOSS…


Really, really stupid idea of the month, maybe the whole year!- - Drone attack Eagles!

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 6:56pm 38 Comments

I just saw this on our local news and was surprised nobody else had posted it here yet.

Easily the truly stupidest idea I have ever seen - Dutch Police train Eagle to take down drone.

Better than the UnAmerican Eagle in the Our Man Flint Movies (that dates me a bit I'm…


FAA/DOT UAS Registration - A Very Short Window to Comment

Posted on October 29, 2015 at 12:16pm 11 Comments

Hi All,

We have a very short window of opportunity to comment on the FAA's proposed registration process.

I have sent in the following comment which you are welcome to copy, edit, do whatever you want with, but I think it realistically presents a decent case for moderation and common…


Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 8:14am on February 13, 2013, Jethro Hazelhurst said…

H Gary,

First off, thank you for the superb job on the F330 construction page and wiki table of contents.

I will Email you the Image so that you can put it where you see fit.

Many thanks again!


At 10:49pm on May 21, 2013, Jorge Antonio Saldaña Rosales said…

Hola que tal Gary sabes el hadware que necesito para hacer mi drone Cooperativo

At 5:17pm on May 22, 2013, Michael said…

Hi Gary,

Just a thing on shipping rates (from your comment). I was also mad because of high shipping. I sent support an email and they shipped the parts for free through standard mail! I got it in 2 days ( I live on the east coast). There is a size limit though, can't go above 13 oz, but for small parts its fine. Oh and btw, when you email them, ask for Lorena, it may take a day or 2 more because of her work hours, but she's been amazing with shipping like this.


Sorry this is the only way I could contact you!



At 3:35pm on March 26, 2015,
Thomas J Coyle III

Hi Gary,

Re: Fire Cape

I have been thinking about it, but have not decided to move on it yet.


Tom C

At 1:30am on June 29, 2016, Jerry Zhang said…

Hi Gary,

I have read your comments on

I am a student studying on path recovery using Parrot Ardrone2.0 . Is there a way to use its intrinsic sensor to do this? Do you solve it? 

Thank you.

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