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About Me:

I am the Owner and Author of these advertising-free informative web sites:
Now flying, rolling or under construction:
  • Hoverthings FLIP FPV Pro Quadcopter with Pixhawk, 14" props, KDE 515kv motors, telemetry, Sony AS100V Video Camera, Brushlesss Gimbal and FPV.
  • Custom CF tube H/dead-cat Quadcopter with Pixhawk, GoPro, Gimbal & FPV.
  • Hoverthings FLIP Sport Quadcopter with PX4.
  • ARF DJI FlameWheel 330 Quadcopter with PX4.
  • ARF DJI Flamewheel 450 Quadcopter with APM 2.5.
  • Blade 200 QX, Hubsan X4 and Estes Nano Quadcopters.
  • My design: Hanging pendulum style robot with 2 brushless 26" bicycle wheels.
  • Traxxas Stampede 4x4 Rover with PX4.

Professional History:
  • (Retired) Microcomputer Engineer, Hardware and Firmware.
  • (Past) Lead Editor of DIYDrones APMcopter, APMplane and APMrover wikis.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
  • Reentry into RC Planes 3 years ago.
  • Lots of PIC hardware and C and assembler programming experience.
  • Currently interested in Quadcopter development, robotics, 3D vision, environment relative autonomous navigation, Linux, Beagle Bone, Odroid, TOF cameras and LIDAR.

Mendota Illinois

Latest Activity

Gary McCray commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Hi Thomas, The first brushless gimbal motors were, in fact, rewound brushless motors. While they in fact step similarly to a stepper motor, they are actually designed for continuous feedback providing an oscillating balance between phases. A stepper…"
1 hour ago
Gary McCray replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"You Guys give me an idea. Apparently we have a lot of really good choices, some OK choices and lots of not so good choices. What we need is a comprehensive description and capability, performance and reliability comparison of each one. I do not…"
20 hours ago
Gary McCray replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"Hi Rob, Is that GPS simply plug and play compatible with the Solo? And do you need a specific adapter? Are you using it on your Solo? Best, Gary"
22 hours ago
Gary McCray replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"Hi Rob, Definitely the problem with clones has been that they often aren't really faithful clones and they commonly use third rate parts. We are used to name brand electronics providing a certain level of performance, unfortunately flight…"
Gary McCray replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"Happy to hear it. Look forward to details. We currently have Ehrle Brain, VR Brain and Philip's Pixhawk 2 cube. This will add a more local and US supported Pixhawk version. Another significant one is the PX4 Mini which is notable because it is…"
Gary McCray replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"Hi Chris, Good to see you are finally releasing the long awaited mini even if it is really the Hobbyking Pixfalcon. The Hobbyking Pixfalcon is $99.00 in China $124.95 in the US, however, for your $199.00 it does look like you are including GPS and a…"
Gary McCray commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Brushless gimbals are an inherently inadequate technology based on a rewound brushless motor that is only capable of producing very low torque. The only advantage they have is that combined with a gyro and low mass it is relatively easy to balance…"
Gary McCray commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Hi Jack, I've seen you take basically chewing gum and spit and put together operating things (monocopter for instance) that were way ahead of their time). And way ahead of the rest of us. And get them to work. It really isn't about making…"
Gary McCray commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"Hey Rob +1, +1, +1, "This is something I have come to recognize about myself.  I enjoy building/creating things more than I do actually using them.  I spend 10 times as much time building my Land Rover and an off-road camping trailer…"
Gary McCray commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead
"DIY was always about people who want to do things themselves. All that is true is that their are now a number of commercial products that you can choose any level of completion you wish on top of which to add your own DIY stuff. Where the consumer -…"
Gary McCray replied to Justin James's discussion Is there any control board that can trim by itself?
"Hi Tommy, That is a good question. The PX4 Mini (not Pixhawk Mini as I incorrectly stated above) is a port compatible hardware clone of the Pixhawk. Except it has less output PWM ports so less controls available. It is targeted at quadcopters, but…"
Oct 18
Gary McCray commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post CanberraUAV Outback Challenge 2016 Debrief
"Congratulations again Tridge, your team is clearly highly motivated and first rate as always. Best, Gary"
Oct 17
Gary McCray replied to Justin James's discussion Is there any control board that can trim by itself?
"Hi Justin, Pixhawk Mini is probably the cheapest tested known working Pixhawk clone right now. But you will need to have a GPS too I believe for autotune to…"
Oct 16
Gary McCray replied to Carsten Groen's discussion Experience with Bosch Sensortec BNO055 IMU ?
"Hi Carsten, Glad you brought attention to this little sensor module. I definitely will be getting one of these, the encapsulated processing makes this look really easy to…"
Oct 16
Gary McCray commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Monocopter Concept
"Hi Joe, You follow in the footsteps of one of our most illustrious members. Jack Crossfire did this a long time ago, practically prehistoric in terms of what is possible now. That he got it to work with the tech available back then was nothing short…"
Oct 15
Gary McCray replied to Curt Zerr's discussion Drone kits with the option to go fully autonomous
"Hi Curt, Yes, GPS is a problem, Pixhawk (ArduPilot) uses the GPS for autonomous navigation. Generally indoors = no autonomous operation. There are other sensors you can use, the Pixhawk supports the PX4 optical flow camera, but it is really only…"
Oct 15

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Gary McCray's Blog

Really, really stupid idea of the month, maybe the whole year!- - Drone attack Eagles!

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 6:56pm 38 Comments

I just saw this on our local news and was surprised nobody else had posted it here yet.

Easily the truly stupidest idea I have ever seen - Dutch Police train Eagle to take down drone.

Better than the UnAmerican Eagle in the Our Man Flint Movies (that dates me a bit I'm…


FAA/DOT UAS Registration - A Very Short Window to Comment

Posted on October 29, 2015 at 12:16pm 11 Comments

Hi All,

We have a very short window of opportunity to comment on the FAA's proposed registration process.

I have sent in the following comment which you are welcome to copy, edit, do whatever you want with, but I think it realistically presents a decent case for moderation and common…


Great deal on a 3 axis gimbal with Alexmos controller

Posted on June 26, 2015 at 4:00pm 64 Comments

Just had to tell all of you about this $59.95 three axis gimbal deal on EBay:

This seemed like a great deal and looks to be identical to DYS Gimbal on Hobbyking which is $200.00.

I got one and quality appears excellent though I haven't tried to use it yet (I will probably get…


My thoughts on the state of affairs.

Posted on February 11, 2015 at 9:30pm 3 Comments

Recently a local radio station asked me to comment on an interview relating to the current status of "drones".

I am enclosing the letter I sent to them declining phone interview for the reasons specified, but putting my "opinions" in writing instead for them to use as the…


Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 8:14am on February 13, 2013, Jethro Hazelhurst said…

H Gary,

First off, thank you for the superb job on the F330 construction page and wiki table of contents.

I will Email you the Image so that you can put it where you see fit.

Many thanks again!


At 10:49pm on May 21, 2013, Jorge Antonio Saldaña Rosales said…

Hola que tal Gary sabes el hadware que necesito para hacer mi drone Cooperativo

At 5:17pm on May 22, 2013, Michael said…

Hi Gary,

Just a thing on shipping rates (from your comment). I was also mad because of high shipping. I sent support an email and they shipped the parts for free through standard mail! I got it in 2 days ( I live on the east coast). There is a size limit though, can't go above 13 oz, but for small parts its fine. Oh and btw, when you email them, ask for Lorena, it may take a day or 2 more because of her work hours, but she's been amazing with shipping like this.


Sorry this is the only way I could contact you!



At 3:35pm on March 26, 2015,
Thomas J Coyle III

Hi Gary,

Re: Fire Cape

I have been thinking about it, but have not decided to move on it yet.


Tom C

At 1:30am on June 29, 2016, Jerry Zhang said…

Hi Gary,

I have read your comments on

I am a student studying on path recovery using Parrot Ardrone2.0 . Is there a way to use its intrinsic sensor to do this? Do you solve it? 

Thank you.

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