I'm a relative newbie here, been lurking on the forums while building a 3D robotics Hexa (APM 2.5) with the bigger motors and props.  I'm controlling it with a Spectrum 7 and It's all set-up and flying.  There's only one problem - the right stick seems completely flipped.  Unlike other quads I've flown, when I push the stick forward, the Hexa goes backwards, pulling the stick back moves the hexa forward.  Similarly, the side-to-side reaction is also the reverse from what is expected (ie.  When I push the stick right, the drone goes left...)  After 3-4 flights, I'm actually able to fly like this, but would prefer to change the controls back to a config that is more like a mirroring (ie. the drone tilts to match the right stick inputs). Any help?

I'm not interested in simple mode, just flipping the control scheme while in stabilize mode.  Thx.

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    I am newbie myself buy i had similar problem with APM 1.0. I think you have two ways. First reverse the channel in the Spectrum. I am not familiar myself with the controller but there should be same place in the menu's(every controller has it). The second way is in the mission planner, when you adjust the receiver there is tick to reverse every control channel.

    I hope it helps

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    Marque, for some reason I cant reply to your previous post. Try unplugging the bullet connectors on that motor and plugging them back in. If they are not making good contact the motor will do what you describe (stutter). They might have moved around when the hexa fell.

  • When doing the radio calibration in Mission Planner, there should be checkboxes to reverse the pitch and roll. See http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_First

  • have you tried reversing the roll and pitch with the radio configuration tool in the Mission planner?

  • What about reversing the channels on the spektrum tx?
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