Frame Kit Rec

Hey, looking for my first multi project. Intended use is FPV and aerial videography, using a gopro (maybe my dslr). Would like 10 min average flight times.

I'm a seasoned modeler. Lots experience with fixed wings and helis. Have a lot of experience with APM2 and arduplane as well... Just never built a quad or hex,

Looking for a good quality airframe, cost not a huge factor.

Is the new HK s650 looking good to anybody?

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  • I got mine in yesterday and put it together today. And I have never built a kit you know it has to be easy. The copter is well designed,very strong and light. I would advise anyone thinking about getting on to go for it. I don't think you will be sorry.
  • T3
    I heard good things about AGL Hobby and there frames. I currently fly 3D Robotic hex with extended legs and GoPro camera. Not real happy with my gimbal, it's a cheap $100 unit. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Good luck.
  • Hi David,

    I have heard its a nice frame. Also, a simple video here.


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