Alexandria, VA

About Me:

I like awesome software and things that fly. I also like horses, water sports, guns, dogs, and tasty snacks.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in all aspects of unmanned flight, building and testing long range and high altitude platforms.



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David Marra left a comment on X8
"I finished my X8 and it flies marvelously. Here is a video of my setup...

Hopefully this is helpful to anyone getting started with X8 and/or APM."
Feb 18, 2013
David Marra replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.69/2.70 released

What are you testing ardupilot releases in? What airframe, that is - is that X8 in your profile pic?"
Feb 17, 2013
David Marra posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hey, looking for my first multi project. Intended use is FPV and aerial videography, using a gopro (maybe my dslr). Would like 10 min average flight times. I'm a seasoned modeler. Lots experience with fixed wings and helis. Have a lot of experience…
Feb 17, 2013
David Marra replied to Drone Nerd's discussion ...
"PPM should come from channel 12 on the DL, on some older versions it comes out of channel 9. PPM goes into APM2 input 1 with signal wires of 2 and 3 jumped.

All clearly spelled out in the wiki."
Feb 16, 2013
David Marra replied to Lloyd Breckenridge's discussion Attopilot voltage with seperate BEC
"Lloyd, ever get an answer to this?"
Feb 9, 2013
David Marra posted a discussion in X8
Interested to see what guys are finding works best for them, in terms of interference, CG, drag reduction, etc. My Components: FPV and Record Camera: GoPro Hero3Telemetry: RFD900RC: Dragonlink UHFVideo TX: Lawmate 1.2Ghz 1000mW (still experimenting…
Feb 6, 2013
David Marra replied to keith soldavin's discussion IP video display in APM Mission planner
"Did you ever try the Axis video encoder? I thought this would have worked perfectly, as the Axis encoders make a nice MJPEG stream over HTTP...

Also the MJPEG encode latency off an Axis encoder is minimal. You can see a minuscule delay if you are…"
Feb 6, 2013
David Marra commented on Saurabh Srivastava's photo
"Nice set up man. Flown it yet?"
Sep 13, 2012
David Marra commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s photo
"Hey - interested in seeing more info on this... Is it just a design, or in production?"
Sep 13, 2012
David Marra replied to Zack Mickler's discussion Drone Cell Telemetry Wiki
Aug 10, 2012
David Marra replied to Andreas M. Antonopoulos's discussion Android as airborne IP router in Telemetry over cellular IP
"Make any progress on this? I'd like to write a router app for android that would do the basic routing of the UDP or TCP/IP and perhaps a basic DynamicDNS. I'm just not sure what the pin out to the APM would be via the Androids USB."
Aug 10, 2012
David Marra replied to Jason's discussion X8 from BEVRC
"I think there are a ton of us waiting to get the initial round of feedback and reviews. i have yet to get anything concrete."
Apr 16, 2012