Just curious if anyone has got a micro copter working with AC. Is there a gps module that is small/light enough to go on something like this in order to do a mission?

I saw this:


Very kool...but i am not much of a fan of multiwii.

Thinking this:


Seems really cool. But the GPS mods i have seen are way too heavy. Anyone?

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  • I have simular plan but with a minicopter. I  just bought the ecksfibre 230mm for testing the AUAV-X1.(small pixhawk style fc) I am also looking for a small and light gps module. Same for a small 433mhz telemetry radio. Anyone an idea for that?

  • here: http://wiki.paparazziuav.org/wiki/Lisa/S

    Not released yet. Also much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :)

    Lisa/S - PaparazziUAV
  • This may be the GPS you're looking for (1g): 


    • Developer
      If you make the ground plane of the patch antenna too small you reduce reliability of getting an accurate lock on the GPS signals.
  • You can get down to what, 9g GPSes for reasonable money.. just need a few pwm/fet brushed drivers and a octo setup ;)

  • Check out my last blog story.
    • My PID's, thus far. Still need a bit of work, but it's nth degree stuff. What is a problem is loiter. It's all over the place.


  • I'd also love to see an APM version of a PCB-quad. From what I see compass, baro as well as the GPS needs to be integrated on such kind of a board (compared to the Turnigy one). It would be perfect if the idea from Crazyflie of integrating the telemetry link would also have been picked up on such a project. Kickstarter, anyone? :)

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