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Oliver posted a blog post
On Friday was the "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" - the national holiday of Germany. This year it was in Hanover and finished with the big laser / lightshow / firework as well as with a show using 30 drones equipped with multicolour LEDs and autonomous…
Oct 5, 2014
Oliver replied to mark's discussion Has anyone got arducopter working on a micro~copter w/ GPS? in ArduCopter User Group
"I'd also love to see an APM version of a PCB-quad. From what I see compass, baro as well as the GPS needs to be integrated on such kind of a board (compared to the Turnigy one). It would be perfect if the idea from Crazyflie of integrating the…"
May 14, 2014
Oliver replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"Sad story. It seems to be that the APM1 128k is no longer supported. Mission planner is telling me that I should upgrade :("
May 19, 2012
Oliver posted a discussion
Hello @all, as I think about numbers of users within the forum passing the 20.000 range & having a look on the downloads of Arducopter I was wondering how big our flight population actually is. Are these numbers which I'm seeing here actually…
May 11, 2012
Oliver commented on trappy's blog post San Francisco [TBS@USA Grand Finale]
"Great clip!"
May 6, 2012
Oliver replied to al's discussion problems getting off the ground in ArduCopter User Group
"... It also sounds like your Rate_P and/or Stabilize_P is too high. I had the same effect when I chose a Rate_P roll and pitch which was above the value which I am flying now. Maybe that helps.."
May 5, 2012
Oliver replied to Klaus Heinrich's discussion Hello, What do you think of it? I think it's super cool;) in ArduCopter User Group
"Hi Klaus, this is an impressive video. Good to see it again - it has been posted before ;)"
May 3, 2012
Oliver posted a blog post
I've just found an interesting & impressive concept of an flying object from Festo (those guys who also made the flying bird one year ago). It's a quite interesting concept to get an object flying at low speed. I'd love to see such an object moving…
Apr 21, 2012
Oliver replied to Oliver's discussion ArduPlane won't arm engine
"Yesterday I was out at the flying field. For me this problem sounds a little bit like a bug in the initialization procedure of the ESC.
When I first power the APM via USB and then connect the flight battery (which is powering the APM via the ESC of…"
Mar 26, 2012
Oliver posted a discussion
Hi all,I am new to the ArduPlane. Until now I just had experience with the ArduCopter.I got myself an Easystar 2, installed APM 1 with the current version 2.30 and configured it. That worked fine, even the stabilize mode & movements on the ground…
Mar 25, 2012
Oliver commented on Rui Manuel Cravo Marques's blog post The Relevance of Propellers
"I found a good paper on the relevance of good props and prop sizes on the efficiency of VSTOL aircrafts. Sadly it is in German, but main outcome was that the prop usually has the efficiency from 40-70% which may impact the flight time a lot.…"
Jan 11, 2012
Oliver posted a discussion
Dear all, I'd like to present my Hexa-project based on the Flyduspider-frame from Flyduino. After playing around with my first quad this summer I decided to add at least a little safety by switching to an hexa. I found the Flyduspider frame which…
Dec 26, 2011
Oliver replied to Ruben Wijnhoven's discussion apc220 with mp
"Same thing over here. I only can send write commands reliable via APC220 if no other data is being transmitted via this channel. It seems to be that 19200 bd is simply not enough for transmitting telemetry data as well as updating the configuration…"
Nov 18, 2011
Oliver replied to Oliver's discussion Arducopter with APC220
"Thank you for your reply. After my marriage I now have time for Arducopter again.I've updated to AC 2.0.49 / MP 1.0.86 after your feedback. But still the same issue exists. I've also tried to enable the CH7 tuning by loading…"
Oct 31, 2011
Oliver posted a discussion
Hello dear community, I've got my Arducopter working now connected to an APC220 instead of a a XBEE. I can now access the sensor data "on the air" which works quite well. The only problem which I got is that I can't modify any PID / setup / Waypoint…
Oct 23, 2011
Oliver left a comment for ThomasB
"Gutes Projekt! Die Antwort habe ich Dir gleich in Deinem Board geschrieben. "
Oct 6, 2011