Hi all,

I am new to the ArduPlane. Until now I just had experience with the ArduCopter.

I got myself an Easystar 2, installed APM 1 with the current version 2.30 and configured it. That worked fine, even the stabilize mode & movements on the ground also works good. But I am unable to get the ESC initialized, so the motor won't power up.The APM has corretly being initialized and I connected it wirelessly. I can control my servos via my RC.

I have just one ESC which is directly connected to the APM. When I then additionally connect APM via USB then the ESC finishes the initialization procedure.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong here? Do I need an additional power source?

Thank you for a small hint,


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Do you mean it won't initialize in Manual and Stabalize or won't initialize in the Auto modes (or both). As a safety measure, the motor will only spin in non-auto modes (Manual and Stabalize) on the ground. In manual mode, the autopilot isn't even controlling the ESC (it's a straight pass-through of your RC signal), so if your motor won't run in that mode, the issue is on your ESC/RC side. 

Hi Chris, 

maybe this problem is Turnigy-Specific. When I power APM via USB and then connect the power to my ESC then the ESC initializes correctly and accepts commands via the RC etc. When I just power the ESC without connecting the APM via USB first then the ESC is just powering the APM but won't accept any commands. 

The initialization sound is divided into 2 parts with the Tunigy ESCs. Three increasing sounds is one sequence, then 3 short & 1 long beep. I just get the first sequence out (which is like I would use a programming card) which won't arm the ESC.



Yesterday I was out at the flying field. For me this problem sounds a little bit like a bug in the initialization procedure of the ESC.

When I first power the APM via USB and then connect the flight battery (which is powering the APM via the ESC of the motor) then everything works fine and the ESC initializes correctly. When I just connect the flight battery then I just can control the RC functions & can enable stable mode etc. but the ESC doesn't finish the initialization procedure. Though the motor won't start. 

I'd be really glad for a hint. I am using an APM 1.4 incl. GPS, airspeed sensor and compass

Hello Oliver, i have the same problem, is exactly what you described.

I have the APM 1.4 with the 2.33 code.

I tried several different receivers and ESC , and the problem persists.

In the end you could fix it?

Hi, I had no luck in solving the problem. The esc worked when it was directly connected to the receiver but not when connected to the APM. I solved this by using an other ESC - now everything works fine. It seems like you have to have some luck when choosing the esc ...

Thanks Olivier.

I changed esc by a jety model and now works fine.

had tried several esc, but all Turnigy plus.  The Esc model you do not work is a turnygy plus?

Yes and no :) One that didn't work was a Turnigy Plush 18A. I've changed it to a Turnigy Plush 25A which now works fine. 

I have tested with turnigy plus 40A and 60A and not work.

  may not work with 18A, 40A and 60A turnigy plus? It is rare......... anyone else has happened....

well I take it for solved, thanks Oliver

Does anyone still have this problem.

When the USB cable is connected the esc arms fine.

Without the USB connected only get initial 3 beeps.

It does not complete the initialization sequence without the USB connected first.

Have you updated to 2.5.5 which fixes this issue?



Latest I can see in the mission planner for arduplane is v2.34

I have an APM1.

2.5.5 is the ArduCopter version. The equivalent for ArduPlane is 2.34. But the reset issue that was fixed (and Vernon was referring to) only affected APM 2.

I'm not quite sure what's causing your issue, and can't replicate it on any of my APM 1 quads. Are you using standard ESCs? 

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