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i'm having a school project on the arducopter. Plus its really interesting



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al replied to Simon's discussion Trying to work out battery related issues
"well i ain't no expert...

the RC is powered from the APM if I recall right, that is 5V (you can see the connection you made  - ok - in the pictures)
yes maximum force is 3400 g, but that doesn't mean you will be able to fly with that weight,…"
Jun 3, 2012
al commented on DougB's blog post One way to Restore a bricked xBee
"and reset does nothing, the lights even don't change"
May 31, 2012
al commented on DougB's blog post One way to Restore a bricked xBee
"so I get it this method should work every time?
Because it doesn't work for me at all, I think the chip is fried, it stopped working all of a sudden and can't get any word out of it anymore..."
May 31, 2012
al replied to al's discussion problems getting off the ground in ArduCopter User Group
"a video so you can better see what happens (this doesn't show instability, only motors stopping at different times)

also a log, if someone can make use of it: (don't remember exactly what the log contains, what…"
May 6, 2012
al posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
hiok so we bought the thing, we followed the instructions and double-triple checked, it still doesn't work.the problem is: it is very unstable, it can't stabilize itself. We try to get off the  ground , and within one second of take off, it goes…
May 5, 2012
al replied to flying's discussion Ardupilot Mega Programming
"One  word: Arduino"
Apr 30, 2012
al replied to Wiesiek M's discussion Understanding software handling
read all the manual and then come back with questions

Apr 24, 2012
al commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Arduino debugging tips
I'm having problems compiling the firmware in ARduino. I believe I followed all the instructions in the manual. I tried several versions and several Arduinos and I always get this error:
AP_Var not defined in AP_Var.cpp
Haven't looked much…"
Apr 18, 2012