I heard a rumor ... hope it was false.

Through the grapevine i heard that 3dr will discontinue continue support for APM 2.5.2/ 2.6  after the release of ArduCopter v3.2 in favor of the PixHawk.

Is this true? If this is what does this mean for ones who have invested in 2.6?

-curious george

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    • Considering it is an opensource project, I can't imagine any export restrictions.. 

    • Josh, the truly Orwellian world of Trade and Export restrictions would indeed be something you should try not to imagine... 

    • Thanks for the reply Chris.  I'm curious on your thoughts on the following:

      People who are looking to buy their first autopilot that can take AP or AC, I am now pointing them to the Pixhawk over the APM since it is a bit more "future proof" when it comes to the new features (EKF just to name one) and I was curious on your thoughts there?  

      Also, and I understand if you don't want to answer this, but will 3DR be ramping down production of APM 2 in favor of the Pixhawk (and soon Pixhawk 2) or is the demand still high enough to justify sustained production of the APM?

      Thanks in advance!  And thanks for all the work you and 3DR does to support this space and these projects!

    • Developer

      From an arducopter code point of view, I would strongly recommend that anyone trying to decide between an APM and Pixhawk goes for a Pixhawk.  There's just so much more that we can do with it.  Beyond the 10x faster CPU and gobs of memory, it has redudant IMU which should allow us to reduce the systems vulnerability to vibration.  We're even moving towards allowing duplicate GPSs to be attached to be used as a backup in case of GPS glitches.

    • In this day and age of phones have gigahertz CPUs, the speed (168mhz) of the Pixhawk CPU seems a little weak. Surely its time to give the pixhawk a 1g cpu, so that in a few years time the slow brain problem of the 2.6 doesnt repeat.

      Its funny (on my old apm quad) the Tarot gimbal, my teleflypro (for antenna tracking) are 32bit and faster, when they do a lot less than the main CPU.

      BTW why didnt they add a max7456 onto the pixhawk and pull in the OSD functionality ?

  • The best way to think of the difference is that since the APM platform is running out of flash space, "new" features will be geared towards the pixhawk while bugfixes will continue to be solved that apply to the APM.  If new features can run on the APM, I'm sure Randy will make appropriate consideration, but we shouldn't expect gobs and gobs of new stuff after the 3.2 release.

  • No worries matey most of the firmware and updates will more than likely work with your gear I have both planforms and won't worry as I think youll still be able to do some great stuff with things to come .

  • Moderator

    I think it's untrue support will not be removed for the 2.6, the Pixhawk and what comes from this are a bigger part of the future though. 

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