is my apm bricked?

I bought an apm2.6 from china and worked fine for a while but now when I try to update the firmware it cant connect it is apm mini pro side pins. All I get when I plug in is solid green flicks blue occasionally during update try but nothing else. Reinstalled everything from the beginning and nothing. Had everything working before. Just wanted to reinstall a fresh firmware and start from scratch.very annoyed with the whole problem, ready to scrap apm. Any help at all on this issue? Ive searched everywhere and think I bricked it somehow? One issue I remember unplugging the usb accidentally while in updating firmware. ANY ideas. I have a lot invested and Im stumped.

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  • Hello Mydrone,

    millions of routers, servers, smartphones get bricked every year due to hardware bug.

    The only solution is to have twin flash hardware wired and loaded with 2 firmware versions,

    the older one and the new firmware just loaded, switch selectable.

    One year ago I have bricked PC mainboard by Gigabyte (power got down on pressing reset button).

    In theory this mainboard by Gigabyte features twin Bios chips (2 chips, unfortunately one is missing).

    There is no way to reflash firmware since chip is soldered to the mainboard.

    As IT forensic expert I preferred legal solution, to contact manufacture and request free or paid service to get your bricked hardware back in order, pointing out hardware bug, described above.

    Laptops by Dell feature twin Bios solution. First is hardware protected against flashing

    the second is open to flashing. Removing hard disk from your Dell laptop, OS loads from

    Bios and lost laptop can be tracked via the Internet  (LoJack security solution).


    One issue I remember unplugging the usb accidentally while in updating firmware. ANY ideas. 


    Twin Bios, Twin Firmware provides 100% protection against bricking your hardware while updating firmware and should be obligatory implemented under Consumer Rights Protection Act.


  • I had to reinstall mission planner when I uploaded the latest firmware, it would not connect and it frustrated me for days. A complete reinstall of the latest mission planner with drivers did it for me using an APM2.5.

  • Developer

    I think if you play around with plugging/unplugging the board around the time you push the upload button you can get it to work.  It's not possible to brick the APMs as far as I know.

  • You will not find much help if you didn't buy original 3DR APM.  Besides, APM boards are already past the end of it's life with the last version firmware 3.2.1.  If you try to load 3.3, on it, it will fail as there is not enough room to hold the newer firmware.  If you have bricked the APM, you will need special hardware to reflash the bootloader.  Depending if you have the tools, read this post for instructions

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