just updated APM to 3.1-rc-4


I just  updated APM to 3.1-rc-4 , did the live calibration and tried to take it out for a simple run and it wont arm. Is there a new arming scheme other than turning the left stick to the far right??

Thanks in advance.

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  • T3
    The new code has a failsafe built-in. I've gone ahead and disabled it. You can find it in the advanced parameters. The new failsafe won't allow you to arm unless you do the compassmont have a good compass and GPS lock.
  • I have experienced arming problems with 3.0.1 and found I had to set my throttle trim to the lowest value possible, just a thought

  • I have notice there is not an consisten arming experience. Some time it takes longer then others. I have had best result when I Arm in "Stable Mode". I have also notice that you can not Arm while in RTL.

    I hope this helps

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