After near tree months I recived happy the Lidar Lite V2, but now I have a concern because, apparently is discontinued?

something wrong with this thing?

It's a risk to put on my quad? :(

Answer I recived: Lidar was purchased from Garmin, so It's going to re-appear under Garmin name.

Now is in the market Lightware, developing altimeters for Ardu pilot and helping rangefinders users in this forum ( )

I changed the title because this post discussion content look's usefull for other rangefinders too.

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    • Thankyou, i have read som specs of the SF30/B, but it has an accuracy of 0.1m too high for me, and also the resolution of 0.03m, i need 0.01m... i need to make a particoular slam system.

    • I just ordered the new Lightware SF11/C it can detect at 120m.

      I'm sure glad no body was selling the Lidarlite v2 , I was ready to buy one.

      PulseLight sold out to Garmin and the  new rangefinder will be higher in cost than it was sold by PulseLight.

      There is two US disb.

      and (this one is not showing it on their website, right now, because it's on back order.)

    • James,

      how do you know that "the new rangefinder will be higher in cost . . . "  ?

    • I know Garmin. Garmin is a big name, and you will pay for it.

      That's the way it works in America, I have lived in this country for 76 years on Feb 29,2016. and that many years gives you a good understanding of how things work.

      But in reality I'll only be 19. 

    • @James tate - so you're a real youngster then ;). I don't normally comment on competitor companies but as a general principle of business you are 100% correct in saying that prices normally go up after the acquisition of a small company by a larger one. My last company was sold to a Fortune 100 monster and it nearly doubled the price of the products. Product development also ground to a halt because of the additional weight of administration and the number of interest groups within the company all trying to put their brilliant ideas into new products.

    • Thanks for the answers!
      I'm looking for the better way that's why I'm asking.
      Cause I have a different requirements for my personal usage of UAV:

      Range >400m

      Accuracy <10m

      Update rate >1 reading per second

      Weight <100g
      Size - doesnt matter
      Interface - doesn't know yet, I'm willing to connect it to Raspberry\Arduino (Will be gratefull if you advise me how to do that)

      That's why I was looking to 100-150$ models of digital rangefinders. Have a hope that there are a people who "I can wire anything to anything"(c)Futurama.
      Any ideas why we can't take a laser rangefinder and the digital output from the stand-alone rangefinders?
      Or maybe I can get what I want(measure a distance to the objects) with some another way?
      As for your requirements maybe this could a an option(there are different models up to 120m):

      Arduino laser distance meter
    • Do you mind me asking why you want to go >400m? This is of course higher than the legal operating altitude for a drone and wouldn't make sense for terrain following or landing.

    • Hi Laser Dev, in Australia commercially we can get an area approval for higher alts (date / time, max alt and geographically limited).  So it is very easy to fly higher legally here (well outside of towns or cities that is).  Also as a hobby flyer here we have no alt limit (must be able to see it) unless we are in controlled airspace, flying near an airport, and a few other possible conditions  Not everywhere has a 400ft limit.

      In the UAV Challenge that you guys are donating 20 SF/10's for the max operating alt is 1500ft for the comp.  My team wont be flying that high but it is an option.


    • This >>measure a distance to the objects.

      BTW not all the countries have max altitude limitation

    • I choose from here If not supported by Pixhawk is not usefull for me, If you sell range finders perhaps you can contact dev team to see if possible to include it.

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