After near tree months I recived happy the Lidar Lite V2, but now I have a concern because, apparently is discontinued?

something wrong with this thing?

It's a risk to put on my quad? :(

Answer I recived: Lidar was purchased from Garmin, so It's going to re-appear under Garmin name.

Now is in the market Lightware, developing altimeters for Ardu pilot and helping rangefinders users in this forum ( )

I changed the title because this post discussion content look's usefull for other rangefinders too.

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    • My bad.  I used the wrong URL. Try this one.

    • I've asked our dev to look into Guided mode for you.

    • Thanks @LaserDev.  My students and I write software to control our MAVs.  We almost never fly manually so Guided mode support is important.  Ultimately, what we want to do is incorporate two Lidar units -- one for altitude and the other facing forward for obstacle detection.

    • That's an interesting configuration. How do you decide which way to go if an obstacle is detected in the forward direction?

    • That's a good question.  We're still working on that part. :-)

    • buenos tardes Cala,

      yes, I saw that the TeraRanger is now supported by APM / Pixhawk, but can't find anything confirming that it will allow for using it in 'optical flow loiter' mode.  

      As David points out, the SF11 has greater range (120m vs 14m), and the Tera requires 12v.  The size of the Tera unit is surprising;  30x30x18mm, & only 8 grams!

      Price point of the SF11 and the Tera are comparable, but I can wait a couple months if Garmin will resurrect the Lidar Lite for a price point under $130

    • Buenas Tony ;)

      Perhaps Randy can answer that, this all new for me, but, if you buy a Lidar-garmin I'm going to have two months more experience I hope and can help you, :)

      Garmin bougth lidar as others confirmed but price .....mmmm......I hope that we are going to pay the trademark too now, I wish you are in the right way :) .

      In my case is enougth 40mts so Lidar looks perfect for me and price near limit because I have to pay extra charges to have here, now I have to find the resistor and decide where to install, I'm not shure how copter legs can affect It if I fix on one side, batts and gimbal are a complication to fix in the middle; I hope I connect and can check with MP what happens on different positions.

    • Cala,


      See my attached images for where I mounted my LidarLite and the orientation. 



      Neither my X8 of Y6 showed any difference in height measurement while in level flight with one LidarLite oriented along the longitudinal (Y) axis and the other in the Transverse (X) axis.

      Keep in mind that you risk height errors when maneuvering at significant angles of bank.  Lidar best works in level flight so it's recommended to keep it as close to your center of gravity as conveniently possible of ignore height errors while in sever maneuvering.    Randy could better explain is the software allows the flight controller to ignore any readings from Lidar units is angle of bank is greater than a predefined number. 

    • Thank's Doug, valious information, :)

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