• LiPo is Lithium Ion-Polymer....

  • I've had good success with these. I've been through about 10 of them. Great US company.


      35C x 5200 = 35 x 5.2 = 182 A

      70C >   twice as much >  364 A burst draw

      Is it for real ?

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      Well it has a six month warranty. Just buy one, hook it up to a 182 amp load, then send the smoking pile back or a refund! Just joking...... They must be pretty confident offering that warranty. Richard, have you tested the c rating on these? Do they last well? Thanks for posting the recommendation, its great to know what batteries people like, I will check it out.

      Ah, just checked....the warranty exclusions might make it difficult to return
  • Oh and buy Turnigy Nanotech or better Lipos. There only $10 more max, and they dont "Puff up" early like the cheaper ones.,

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    specifically, which battery then do you recommend that i test?  i'm always on the look out for something better than the Panasonic NCR 18650B, which has served me well on ships that can carry a camera and stay in the air for over 1.5 hours.

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      Hi Forrest,

      Hope you don't mind me replying, Alasdair was on the night shift and is still resting. We would recommend you look at either the lg chem hg or sony vtc cells. Comes with a caveat, it's very hard to find genuine suppliers as these are highly faked cells. The fakes are awful performers as they are rewrapped b and c grade cells with lower specifications.
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    would love to see a photo of your ship showing how you put all of that onto a platform.  

  • 30/35/40/50C lipos can only give those outputs for a few seconds, not continuously as is popularly misconceived.

    Sorry my friend but you are not correct.

    30C = 1h/30 = 60/30 = 2 sec total discharge time

    50C = 1h/50 = 60/50 = 1.2 sec total discharge time

    If I am wrong pls correct me


    Li-Ion batteries are not fit for drones, traded at $1/piece (cell)

    are not fit for drones and there is no sense to market

    heavier Li-Ion packs if LiPo work better.

  • I totaly agree - no LiPo cell will continously give it´s rated max current. But if you want to fly for 15-25 min what this discussion is about, then you only need 3C (60/20  min).

    My Y6 fully loaded (Sony RX100 with brushless Gimbal) takes 30A at hover and that´s no problem for the multistar 10Ah 10C.

    BTW as you can see from my log above the multistar gives 140 Wh with 805 g of weight. That is 174 Wh/kg. For me this is the most interesting figure of a battery beside max current.

    The best 18650 cells i found give 10,5 Wh at 52g (incl. wiring) - that is 202 Wh/kg or 16% better than the Multistar - not a big deal.

    Perhaps one of the professionals can tell me wether the new high drain cells have better energy density than the keeppower i use.

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