• Hi, i live close to an international airport. On phantom 2 they have a 8km of no flying zone. Maybe mission planner has introduced this limitation for APM

    • I'm having problems with Geo Fence.

      When I'm in a mission the hex will often fence breach at the first waypoint and then RTL. Sometimes it will make it past the first waypoint to fence breach later in the mission.

      I set the breach limit to 800m distance and 140m altitude, to make sure I don't go past the fence and I still get the message and the systems still RTLs.

      I've added the graphs from the Telemetry Logs (Altitude in GLOBAL POS & GPS_RAW_INT) and the .kmz file of the flight.

      Altitude log files show a spike in altitude right before Fence Breach, but I didn't see any spikes in altitude and the .kmz file confirms this.

      What's going on and how can I keep this from happening? It's very important that stop this from happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      GLOBAL_POSTIONING relative_alt.PNG

      2015-07-08 19-14-17.tlog.kmz

      GPS_RAW_INT alt.PNG

  • Updated mine to beta, no more message.

    Edit: 1.3.9 just released!

  • Can you tell me where I can find the previous version so that I can downgrade from 1.3.8?


  • i get the same warning. i have geofench disabled and i don't even have gps plugged in.

    according to the log, the following changes were made regarding geofence:

    -currentstate: add toh and inverse geofence status check

    -currentstate: add monitoring of geofence, ahrs and terrain problems

    • Developer

      Bug already reported on GitHub, wait the fix.

    • Is there a Problem with the mission planning section of version 1.3.8?

    • Hi Marco,

      I have a project where I need to use my quad in a couple hours.  Am I okay to fly even thought the Geofence Breach comes up on Mission Planner?  

      Note:  The Geofence is disabled


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