When i first got into this FPV thing a year ago i bought and ImmersionRC circular polarized antenna set that seemed to work quite well with a 5.8GHz 600mW immersionRC transmitter...but i lost the transmitter antenna and had to find a replacement.

Being poor at the moment i looked for a cheaper option and found this: http://witespyquad.gostorego.com/5-8ghz-circular-polarized-antenna-rp-sma-with-sma-option.html which are the WORST antennas one could ever use.

With the immersionRC 600mW 5.8GHzi got really good reception but these antennas go for about 100 feet before pretty bad interference...go 50 feet more and it is an outright snowstorm...I cant imagine using these things out in the wild. 

Anyway, i am trying NOT to patronize or bash any thing here, just pointing out my experience with these 5.8GHz antennas which has grounded my FPV until i get some good ones.

Anyone got any suggestions or thoughts?

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  • I recently setup a similar setup for my son and had the same problem after 100" jsut crappy receptions. What I found was the antenna SMA connector did not have the pin in it to connector. This is the same as running the TX without an antenna. Very bad. After making a pin and pressing it into the antenna reception was much much better. Just to add a  little more it is more important to have a good Rx antenna then Tx. 

  • DG,this kit is good enough to begin but I would prefer:

    - 700-800 TVL sony cam

    - 600mW TX minimum, the Immersion RC one it light and great

    - pinwheel or cloverleaf RX/TX antennas

    - If you want to use goggles, no need to buy this RX as most of goggles already include dual RX

    - if you want to use monitor, their 250cd/m² one is not bright enough. I have a 1000cd/m² (hard to find) but you can get good 400-450cd/m² one for less than 100-150$. I think it's better anyway to have embedded RX inside the monitor.

    The minimOSD is great.

    I plug everything on my main battery to avoid extra weight but there are pros and cons, so do as you want.

    To fully understand things, I suggest you to watch videos from IBCrazy, this guy is awesome!


  • Julien,

      What do you think about the 3DR AV/OSD kit? The antennae I know need to be replaced, but as I'm about ready to buy a FPV kit, some advice is appreciated.

  • You've got for your money... and was unlucky.

    I've compared 16$ cheap circular polarized antennas


    to 60$ pinwheel


    with a same TX/RX set and I've got almost the same results. The cheaper had just less working beam but anyways I could get something clear up to 2 km with 1,2W TX 5.8GHz

    You have to ensure your RX and TX antennas are polarized the same way (RHCP or LHCP) and check their connections to the TX/RX modules. Don't use the SMA to RP-SMA adapters, that lowers the signal strenght, buy directly the antenna with the right connector. Minimize the HF antenna cable lenght as much as possible.

    And before throwing away your antennas, try the unpolarized stock ones given with your RX/TX to check if the issue really comes from this cheap polarized antenna or rather from your RX/TX set.

    Good luck

  • I don't have experience with either brand, but are you sure you're not mixing left and right polarisation? If you do that, pretty much the only signal to get through will be the reflection.
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