Ok, I hit a tree. - props are the question.

Good day,

3DR C Frame 

Motors AC2836-358, 880Kv,

5000 mah Battery

I have an HT-FPV and 3DR C frame but I thought I use the 3DR frame to learn to fly.

I went to the park today with the 3DR frame, 11 x 47 props to learn how to fly. I couldn't believe how many kids were there playing soccer and baseball. Must have been a soccer league.

Disappointed I found an area where they are building new homes. Nobody around, secluded but many trees .

A minute in the air and a hit a tree, broke two props. I only have 10 x 47 spares from my other quad.

I ordered new props today but I don't want to wait. 

Reading about props I'm still not sure about the relationship with size and pitch. Tried the prop calculator which was more confusing.

Would the 10 x 47 work fine until the replacement props arrive?

Prop length related to torque? 



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  • The other day my quad decided to fight the dogwood in front of the house - the dogwood won. One prop lost.

    Yesterday at the middle school I was having a great time flying my HF Wild Hawk.. until I hit the gynmasium brick wall. The wall was not fazed. The Wild Hawk actually came out pretty well but the impact was sufficient to snap the voltage regulator on the ESC off clean. Wow. It was even sealed up in heatshrink as still broke off.

    At least I got some good video with the quad. Too bad I wasn't taking video of the Wild Hawk. It might have gone viral.

    Count yourself lucky now Randy. At least you are busting props and getting stick time.


  • After having an APC prop break a blade off in mid air, I decided to test out the Gemfan Carbon Composite props. I have to say they are way harder to break, and are very stiff........I mean they weigh the same but they hardly bend at all. $4.99 for a 2 pack.

    Unfortunately I went order some more spares and I bought the last 2 in stock, So I ordered the Fiber Reinforced model to check them out ($3.99 for two) and they seem to be just like the APC... The funny thing is I ordered a total 6 pairs of props, and Gemfan uses the same packaged for both. Just a small dash from a purple marker sets them apart, but the Carbon props are so much stiffer you can tell them apart that way.

    I haven't got much flying time with them yet, although when the Quad tipped over they didn't break where there counterparts would have.  For the price it's something to look into.

  • T3
    Also keep in mind that 2 rotate clockwise and are normal props and 2 rotate counter clockwise and are called pusher props. The quad will have 1 normal prop, then 1 pusher, then 1 normal and then finally 1 pusher.
  • 10x4.7 should work fine...just use 4 of them, not 2 and 2.

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