Optical Flow Sensor v1.1

Does anybody have jdrones Optical Flow Sensor v1.1 working on APM2.5?

I pinouts on the sensor are different than v1.0 but I connect to the sensor to the APM using the signal names.  I get the green LED, I have done the 3.3V change on the APM and Optical Flow sensor but when I test within the Flight Planner I never get any readings other than zero's.

I can not tell if the sensor is working or if it defective or if the APM code does not support the v1.1 Flow sensor.  I would really appreciate some help in getting the sensor working, please help and thank-you in advance.

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  • Hi Guys,

    I have given the connections given in the WIKI page and now my optical flow sensor is working well. Even I'm able to grab the images and motion values using python test program.

    • can you explain to others please?

    • Hello!

      I can grab the images but can not display the motion data .Can you give me the detail setup and post all details and images regarding your setup,Even what you did in the mission planner and what versions you are running.

      Thanks very much!


  • Even i'm also using same jdrones v1.1 OFS but its not working, can you guys please elaborate how to make it work with the APM2.5 and please tell me how to get movement values in mission planner terminal.
    Thanks in Advance.
  • I also can't get v1.1 working. :-(

    Wiring and module itself are definitely correct, because I can acquire images from the sensor with the test pde and the python script, but I also only get zeros for movement. (but different values for squal (64, 128))

    I'm not sure, how v1.1 differs from v1.0 but I think it's only related to the PCB layout and not the sensor itself (Logitech optical mouse sensor ADNS 3080).

    On the other side, it would make sense, that v1.1 uses an other sensor which requires an other initialisatoin and that's the reason why there are no values for movement.

    AND I'm not able to change shutter speed and frame rate. I can only change resoluton (400/1600dpi)

    If you are going to check your sensor with the test pde, keep in mind, that it needs a power circle after pulling images if you want to check the movement values because it can't handle both. Once it was put in image grabbing mode, it will not calculate movement.

  • Is the Optical Flow sensor supported in the latest rc6 code?


    I am surprised nobody is using the latest v1.1, why?

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