RTL initiating and i dont know why , help needed

Well I was flying today and my Quad copter kept switching to RTL and im not sure why it was happening at odd times I went up to 111 meters and it was fine then flying around at around 30 meters doing a few speed runs and it would initiate rtl, I was never more than 50 meters away horizontally but vertically I climbed out over 100 meters and it was fine so I'm not thinking it is a Tx Rx issue. can someone please be so kind as to read my log file and let me know what is going on its been fine up until today I have over 20 flights without an issue.

2013-11-20 17-35 13.log

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  • A simple test would be to disable throttle failsafe and see if the RTL's still occur

    Your throttle in is showing dips to zero when RTL happens, so is definitely a throttle input problem triggering RTL

  • Looking through the logfile you provided, I'm seeing ERROR messages for subsystem 5, which is the throttle failsafe. Since you say the problem comes up when you're flying at a high forward speed, I'd start by checking the wiring between the receiver and the APM for security. Depending on how you have your receiver oriented in reference to aircraft forward, and how much of the wiring between the receiver and the APM is exposed to direct airflow, it's possible that the airflow is causing the connector to lose contact.

    I'd also check the failsafe setup to make sure the failsafe trigger PWM is at least 10 below the PWM at minimum throttle with the transmitter on, just to make sure all the bases are covered.

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