Spectrum DX8 Issue

My DX8 started to vibrate and make noise one evening with the power button in the OFF position.Enough noise to wake me up.Plugged the charger in and no difference. I had to remove the battery.Tried charging it the next day but the battery won't go past 4.7 volts on the screen.Anyone experience this issue?ThanksRandy

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  • T3
    Contact support they are really good at helping. That's what you get for paying the extra money for a Spektrum. I've called them a number of times, with good results.
  • Yes the switch was off, really strange.
    Good idea about charging it with my battery charger.
    I will give that a try.
  • Have not seen that.  Really, the power switch was off?  Perhaps monitors battery only with switch off?  Weird

    Suggest try to charge the battery a little with an external charger (Your Lipo charger may have a nicad charger) to get above 4.8 volts.     Sounds like a bug in DX8 firmware.

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