Sub 250 Gram Pixracer Build - Parts

Since my Sub 250 gram pixracer is complete I thought I would share a parts list and some build pics.

The FC is a small 36x36 Pixhawk based, its capable of full autonomous waypoint flights, ACRO, has 5.8 GHZ Video, I added an inline DVR for doing real time recording. It even has a Wifi module for telemetry over Wifi. All in a small package that does not need registration.






I recently moved all the GPS and Video Tx inside to protect against damage in a crash
Also added aluminum standoffs for strength and moved the battery to the top.




Motors CW :

Motors CCW :



Pixracer FC and Power Module:



FPV Camera:

Video Tx

Later upgraded to green aluminum standoffs

NOTE, I was using this with DVR, lag was horrid, so dont use it, its impossible to race with.
Video Tx:

DVR and FPV Camera:

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  • Hey Edgar,

    have you made any progress regarding tuning the copter? Still tuning mine ~217g running 5 inch props on dys 3100kv. Needed to up my accel filter settings to ~42 hz to get it flying with alt hold. manual tune came out with a pretty low settings: P0.10/I0.11/D0.002

    with default filter settings (20) it flies fine in stab but fails in alt hold. when increasing the filter hz to a higher value also the "experienced" vibes are higher at >60 it's not comfortable to fly anymore it's more like funky dance...

    flight time is pretty good >10 min


  • It looks good with those tri-blade propellers, can't wait to build mine.

    Too bad for the lag in the DVR/FPV camera, it was really nice to be able record the flight in HD. Let's hope someone will make something similar without that problem.

    I just received my frame. I hope I'll be able to afford the rest of the parts soon!

    Once my drone will be complete, it'll become my main experimental subject to learn more about electronic design and microcontroller programming. Fun times incoming!

  • Edgar

    Care to share who's GControl SW you used and what version it was (current,beta,stable)? Also, what Flight stack (ArduPilot I assume) FW ver. you used (stable, latest, beta) as well? Reason I'm asking is I've been having issues with PixRacer and ALL GC SW's and APM/PX4 FW's. Be it sensor, esc's, Tx, calibration issues or FC wont arm. Coming from CF/BF HW/SW and seeing someone that has successfully gotten the PixRacer in the air, sharing their configuration/settings  and what GC/FW versions would help people as myself tremendously. With so many combinations of GC SW and FC FW's, it becomes so confusion.        

  • I did a few changes to make it "better, stronger" but a little more weight.

    1) The stock 2mm standoffs broke on crashes to easy.  So I put on some green aluminum standoffs on the outside because the plastic ones kept breaking and changed it to 3mm instead of the 2mm ones.  Pic below, they sure look cool tho :D

    2) Changed the antenna to a IBCrazy 5.8GHz Airscrew Race Spec Antenna (RHCP)

    3) Finally moved the battery to the top

    It is a lot stronger now and better fpv, but my 800mha battery puts it over the 250g by about 5 grams, I can still use my 400mha battery and be well within the 250g.

    Its worth the upgrades tho, and with the battery on top it seems more stable and I can put a much larger battery on it.

    I will say I think its lookin real cool for sure.

    Forrest, I think you will like the changes :D


    • I hope your GPS don't like the changes so much; if you move to a little mast?

      Thank's again to share your experience, my pixracer it's arriving soon now :D

    • Cala,

      Hehe, I'm sure it wont like it there ;-)

      I don't have any interest in GPS flying and dont want a mast, really I just want acro and I plan on crashing a ton since it's a racer...but yeah if someone wants to use the gps I would put the batt back on the bottom and put the GPS on top with some plexiglass to protect it.

      I am getting 3d lock very quickly even where its at but the pixracer is currently having issues with GPS modes not working I'll leave it there and may reconfig later for a more gps style flying. But first ill see if I can get it to work to at least do a small mission and RTL within tolerance.

      I figure in a lost drone situation it may help locate it so i leave it there for now.

    • You know what I've been thinking about doing w/ my GPS mast.... (which raises my GPS just above my battery on top of my copter)
      Leaving it off next time I crash, and simply velcro the GPS to the top of my battery.. Maybe w/ a foam spacer or something. 

    • A quickly removable gps+mast would be ideal, take off when want to race/acro and put back on for leisure/auto ;-)

      Humm...gotta break out the 3d printer again ;-)

  • I am sure one of you devs could lock in the PIDs in Acro to be a good racer, but im just not that familiar with it.

    I added a new video, at the beginning you can see its pretty quick for a little tiny thing.

    but its still a work in progress.

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