The flying quad and flying higher props...

So I trawled through the forums and there are a few posts about applying loctite to the prop screws, both for and against.

I was trying to avoid doing this just for ease.  When going through my pre-flight checklist today both of the CW props came off...  One just from the loosening of the nut/bolt combo, the other the entire screw came off the motor.

Luckily, I was cautious and no-one was around, but it was quite the sight to see the props fly up into the air about 20 metres and then slowly come back down.   

I went to my local hardware store and they suggested this -

Is loctite the answer?  Have other people found another way?


All the normal checks went ok, electronics were great, beautiful sunny day and everything seemed to want it to happen...  Aside from the props coming off - minor thing. (;

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    Thanks for all the comments. I ended up going back to the hardware store this morning and grabbed some (removable) loctite and nylock nuts for my prop issue. Will see what works for me.

    I also wasn't too imprssed with the battery holder on the quad, so I purchased some more velcro strips and applied to the battery and underneath. Meant to hold 2kgs now and seems rock solid. Means the velcro strap that came with the quad is there as a support/backup piece.
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    Nylock nuts ( are the simple answer if you're having a problem, threadlock is IMO a waste on a prop nut but may be useful if you are using it on the screws that hold the prop adaptor to the motor or the ones holding the motor to the arms.

    If the props are plastic there should be a small amount compression when tightening the nut which will hold the nut tight if you tighten it enough. I've had collet ( type prop adaptors come off 600W+ planes when the nut wasn't tight enough but my quads motors do not have not collet type adaptors and only draw 150W max. And anyway ONLY with the reverse pitch props would the nut actually come off.

    I have not ever had a nut come loose but I do up the nuts pretty tight anyway.

  • I ALWAYS use loctite after a similar experience. Aside from having to brush the threads off when I take a prop of and need to put another one. Not much of a hassle if you ask me. I mean it takes less then 10 seconds per prop both to put in on, and when changing a prop it's 10 seconds as well. there are several grades of loctite, the one you picked is the one I use. dry's in 5 minutes.

  • There's red loctite and blue loctite at my local shop. The red one is supposed to be permanent, I dont use it. The blue one is semi-permanent, that's the one to use. At a pinch, nail varnish works too. You can thin it with acetone if required for better penetration.
  • I wouldnt recommend using red threadlock on anything that you plan to take off again in the future, rather use lock nuts. I use them on all my props and I've never had any problems with any of them...

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