Ok I have built a Tricopter based on RCexplorer's design , I'm running an AIO proV2, with 3.1.1 firmware , I have everything tuned in the way I want it flies wonderfully but I cannot seem to get althold to work, when I flip the switch it somewhat holds position .... climbs a meter or 2 but the whole time its bobbing up and down really fast almost like a 1 nch climb then fall it does it so fast that it maintains position but its so untsable u can hear the motors spinning and slowing so fast. I have raised the altutudehold P to 6.0000 and down to 0.0000 and it doesn't seem to affect it all....which gain do i need to adjust? the vibrations are under +-3 and i have foam over the barometer it shows correct readings in mission planner even test baro shows its in good health......

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  • does anyone know what I need to tweak to smooth out a quick descent? I'm not very good at tuning and also what do I adjust and where do I adjust to tame down acro mode just a bit to make it a little softer control ?

  • WELL I FINALLY GOT IT FIGURED OUT AND IM AN IDIOT !!!!! LOL I forgot to re calibrate  my esc's after swapping the FC!!

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    Your symptoms sound very much like wind blowing against the barometer. You need to double check to make sure the cover is working. Also the barometer is susceptible to bright light so the cover needs to be dark.
    • OK, so I got that issue fixed by installing my apm 2.5 in the tri-copter since my apm has a case, it now will hold altitude, but now I have a new issue ...... when I take off it wants to pitch fore-ward and the more throttle I give it the more negative pitch I have to apply on the stick to keep it level.... I'm in stable mode I thought the apm, would self correct for something like this, I didn't have this problem when this controller was in a quad copter, it also does this in acro mode. I've calibrated the accel multiple times and it shows to be perfectly level in MP, I have noticed if I hold the craft level in my hand and slowly bring up the throttle the rear motor spins up before the front motors also if I tilt the craft fore-ward about 45 degrees it seems to think the crafts is level and all of the motors spin up at once as if to be hovering nice and level....Any help would be appreciated!

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      Redo the level calibration. Better yet reset and recalibrate everything. Chances are something is hosed inside the APM and good reset and recalibration won't hurt. Remember to save your parameters and reload with the compare option.
    • Ok , I'll try this after work today and post my results !! Thank you very much !
  • any thoughts?

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