Underpowered Quadcopter

I have just setup a new quadcopter using the Tarot Iron Man 650 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame. I have also added a gimbal.

The quadcopter howers at a PWM of about 750. This is the max recommended per the arducopter instructions. I set the THR_Mid option to 750. Right now it hovers at about 70% throttle.

What can i do to give it more power as i am assuming under wind/ in missions it will be underpowered and not able to hold altitude.

These are all the specs of the quad:

Props 12* 4.5 " Carbon Fibre

Motors 880Kv

ESC's 20 Amp 3dr

Battery 3s 5000mah 30c

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  • I have a 650 too, "underpowered" too, 3s too http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/my-second-cuad-a-tarot-650

    move to 4s it's a good recomendation but I didn't do it because of FPV, planes, etc. to have all standarize in asumption that isn't the optimus;

    my experience: I fly at the begining at 70% (max recomended) but, in hard wind, if trottle goes to 100% I return and land, then I change props and throttle lower to 60 % and it's flying there now, I'm going to try to loose some weight to have a better performance.

    You call underpowered because you have little motors or for your mid throttle? my experience is that I need bigger props for 3s batts than common recomendations but obiously if your motors admit them.   

  • Save the 3s setup for a smaller quad. You'll need to move to 4s and lower kv for this one.

    • Do I have to goto lower kv also ?
    • Yes. For example, my Tarot 680pro hex is 4s on 690kv  with hq 12x4.5 multirotor props. With Tarot gimbal, gopro, and a 6600mah battery it hovers at 40-45% throttle.

  • It obviously needs more power and I have found moving to a 4S battery in these cases helps.

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