WAIT for Blade

3D Robotics is really sells parts but you will wait a awhile for them to print a shipping label then even longer for the order to be handed off to the USPS.  Then they will say they`re sorry, give you credit, and do it again.  3 days for acknowledgement and then maybe a shipment a week later.  This hobby is full of problems, you WILL crash your expensive copter because nobody is accountable.

Wait for Horizon Hobbies` Blade product.

I am sure this post will fill up with statements to the contrary because smart people don't respond.

$1000+ and not much drone accomplishments, r/c flying yes but no drone.  Want a camera?  More expense from another company and nothing well integrated.  Can you afford a busted go pro because you can expect it to happen.  Save your money, better products coming soon.

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    William, this is so very similar to your other post that I'm closing it down. You have been provided with numerous links, posts and contact options that you should be able to sort out your problems.

    You're not contributing anything in these posts and have become a nuisance.

    I'm happy to talk about this further if you feel is a need, but please do it via PM. The 41000 odd members don't need to see it.

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    3D Robotics will offer you a replacement or refund if you are not happy with the product. I'm not sure if there is a better guarantee than that. 

    A Cessna is Ready-To-Fly but do people just hop in those an go fly? It definitely an expensive and complicated hobby, Developers are striving to reduce the complexity, but there is a a floor than cannot be broken on that. I'm sure the Blade helps others into the hobby, but watching a friend fly figure eights on his quad, using FPV, that will never happen on a simple PnF system.

    I really enjoy this frustrating hobby, its complicated. But when you get it all lined up, it's really rewarding. And then it all becomes magically simple.

    I'm the one standing with the other stoopid people.

  • I started to ignore this but decided to put my .02 in.

    The Arducopter has a lot of options you are not going to get for a long time, if ever, on a Blade. I have some experience with the KK2, NAZA, and the Arducopters. I also have some experience with the little copters. The little copters don't keep me interested very long. When the products from Horizon - Eflight come out, they will not be cheap, they never are.

    That said, maybe this is not for you and others like you. If you are looking for a plug-n-play, this is not it. If you want to learn about how they work and experiment with what you can do and watch the evolution of some really neat technology, this is a pretty good place to be.

    As for your comments about 3DRobotics, I needed some legs and they were out of stock so it took about 2 weeks. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days for customer responses online but you can call them. Other orders have been filled and shipped promptly.

    I also think you are belligerent in your comment that smart people don't respond. There are some very helpful and knowledgeable people participating in this project. I suggest that you just go and wait for the blade if that is what you want to do. I don't thing you should be here insulting anyone. 

  • The 3DR quads are much more powerful and versatile than the 350QX.  The 350QX is a nice agile quad that you can fly right out of the box, but you can't compare it directly to an arducopter.  I plan on getting one to complement my hexa.  3DR is coming out with better and better products with better integration.  But the nice thing about 3dr's system is that I can make just about anything a quad, hex, or octo.  I can take the same electronics and make an arduplane, ardurover, or arduboat.

  • Thats interesting, I ordered mine last weekend, you know when orders tend to add up with the store closed. Monday my USPS shipping label printed and Monday evening my shipment left the shop.  Got my order on Wednesday.  

    Even got an email from 3DR saying that there was a delay with distributor parts coming in and that is why I may experience a small delay.  But my shipment left abut 5 minutes after that.  

    Have I had problems with shipping from 3DR, yep.  But I stopped to think about it and realized that mistakes happen, and learned NEVER to order anything with Christmas money given on Christmas Day. Because they close the shop for a week to give their employees the time holiday break. That creates a back log that is pretty significant to clear.

    Seeing your other posts it appears you are very much accustomed to throwing a tantrum anytime one thing doesn't go your way.   

  • It's a looker alright.

    1100kv, small props and 2200 3S doesn't sound like it'll have much stamina for the video though. I could be wrong though.

    My fear is the Apple style lock in. Ie all the parts are custom, and user replacement not encouraged, bit like DJI, really...
  • all those statements sound like it's from someone who expected plug and play or rtf and not familiar with the radio controlled hobby, or perhaps lack of research before buying something that sounds fun when the product is finished and operational

    as far as shipping goes it's no different for any vendor online they all have there days where things don't go as planned , so far everything I have ever ordered from 3dr has arrived faster than any other order I have made in the last year online elsewhere


  • uhm, if you don't feel like you are missing out on anything you already have these guys http://www.dji-innovations.com/ 


  • What is Blade?
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