What is a "Pilot"?

I have read many posts about safety which I definitely agree and many posts with flights near, over top and around people and buildings.The recent post about the "pilot" hitting the building and crash burn brings to the question what is a pilot?I'm new, 45 minutes of flight time and I'm not a pilot but can I achieve that status?A person that has say 1000 hours of flight time considered a pilot? Perhaps you need 10,000 hours?How do you quantify that experience?Certification?Demos at a maker fair for example considered safe if performed by a "pilot"?Perhaps this hobby for most, obsession for some should never fly near people, animals or buildings.Just some thoughts while I wait for the rain to stop so I can practice.Randy

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  • T3
    I recommend you never fly around or over people. I fly a Hexcopter and it can be very dangerous. The props can cut like a knife and at full speed, I bet it could kill.
    I once flew in my front yard at about 10 feet and when I switched to alt hold, my copter flipped 90 degrees and tried to take my head off and crashed into my garage door. Thank God no one else was near and thank God it missed my wife's car. Safety should always be the first thing on your mind.

    Good luck have fun and be safe.
  • In AU, "pilot in command" has a legal definition. It's the person responsible (IANAL, that's just my understanding of regulation CASA 101).

    It's not a badge of honor. The only time you fly and are not the pilot is wham you are flying with an instructor (who is responsible, is the pilot, even if they are not always the one flying at every moment).
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