• Good of you to figure this out.  I've been playing with ROI on and off since the summer and never figured it out completely.  It DEFINITELY needs some documentation.

  • Well to answer my own question. Having now flown the mission within the attachment, Yep you definitely need to add multiple ROI statements. As soon as a new waypoint is hit after a ROI, the quad will yaw to the next waypoint heading.

    No problem at all to plan, just need to be aware of that. 

  • Have you flown this mission? I'm curious to know what the outcome was. I created a similar mission and it appeared to me that the aircraft pointed at the designated ROI, then flew to the next waypoint without changing yaw. Let's say the ROI was due north from the quad's initial position. The quad held a yaw of due north throughout the rest of the mission. The method that I used to get the quad to always point at the ROI was to add a DO_SET_ROI instruction after every waypoint and assign the same coordinates to each instruction.

    One very nice feature that I didn't realize at the time was that when you have your camera gimbal's tilt controlled by APM, it will take the ROI's altitude entry into account and tilt the camera to look at the point in 3D space that you specified. In other words, an altitude of 0 looks at the ground at the coordinates specified, while and altitude of 20 meters looks at a point 20 meters above the coordinates specified.

    ROI is an exceptionally great feature to have. It just needs a little more documentation and clarification.
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