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    You shouldn't need to do autotune or any re-tuning if you upload Copter-3.4-rc2 on top of your existing Copter-3.3 firmware.  You'll see the gains (and a few other things) will change but it's done automatically as part of the upgrade.

    I'd like to get Copter-3.4 out officially soon but it's hard to make promises.  Maybe another month before the "soft launch"? (after finishing beta testing we often make it official but not the default firmware for another few weeks).

    I think we've got the most serious issues resolved in -rc2.  There's just a few small ones left (like it seems difficult to calbirate oneshot ESCs with -rc2)

  • thanks Randy,

    I am using copter 3.3 that's the reason the drone doesn't follow terrain and keeps costant altitude respect to the home. 

    Just a haste question... once I upload the new firmware (3.4) do I have to run autotune again or PID will be stored despite the change? 

    Can you foresee when a stable release of copter 3.4 will be released?



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    So terrain following is a new feature in Copter-3.4 (now in beta testing).  Instructions are now on the wiki here.

    You can definitely do what you're asking in Auto mode (and Guided if the GCSs support sending the position with the altitude specified as height-about-terrain.. but no GCSs do this yet).  RTL and LAND can also use terrain altitudes in Copter-3.4 but there's an edge case mentioned on the wiki that might mean you don't want to do this.

    By the way, we've got a new support forum and here's the Copter-3.4 beta testing section.

    Terrain Following (in Auto, Guided, etc) — Copter documentation
  • I'm not sure so I'll wait for confirmations, but i think that is:

    - Absolute: ASL, above sea level
    - Relative: AGL, above ground level and based on barometric altitude
    - Terrain: an AGL which follows the terrain data loaded into MP.

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