Why NAZA work without PIDS tuning and APM not?


All my friends that flying NAZA asking me why i did not buy DJI NAZA as it work from the box.... I build my F450  based on APM 2.6 and still tuning it... Well it still fly like a boat on the sea.. Lots of oscillation etc. My friends have NAZA and they flying without problem :( What is so special with NAZA that APM don't have? I can't make an autotune because i use dx6i so do not know how to setup to make a channel for it... The worst thing is that they have less knowledge and experience then me in RC (i fly helis 600 and 450 size) and they are flying the quads with DJI NAZA and my quad is unflyable because those PIDs thing... WHY NAZA is ready to fly?? 

My setup, logs and video how it wooble...


F450 frame


DJI 2212 Motors with 10x38 props

3DR APM2.6 with external compass

3S 2200 40C Lipo

Spectrum dx6i TX with AR6210 with sattelite reciver.

3DR Power Module for APM

I use arducopter 3.1.2 firmware




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  • Developer

    What is Naza? ;-)
    Is only question of good tuning and very little vibrations to your board, Naza has a cushioning system inside and Moongel is not always the best solution.
    Of course,
    with Autotune you can lock your quad but you need a 7ch system.
    Here APM Copter with my setup, very similar to yours, two layers of double-sided adhesive joint under the board:

    Frame: $30
    Motor: $15
    Esc: $9
    Carbon propeller: $6

    • You do not need a 7ch system.  You can simply map a switch on your transmitter to channel 6, and connect channel 6 from the receiver to the ch 7 input on the APM/Pix. 

    • Developer

      Good point, is a nice solution with 6ch system but if there are excessive vibration Autotune does not solve it, first check your hardware, the software can not work miracles if the hardware is not functional.
      I write this because it happened to me many times with friends who were reporting similar problems, almost always with poor hardware or badly set (not list all the reasons why I would fill the discussion, LOL).
      Anything can affect, for example it happened to me that some self-locking bolts (for lock the propellers) were poorly made, unbalanced, and created incredible vibrations.
      APM Copter does his duty if the hardware is ok, I have demonstrated many times on different setups, I got better results maybe DJI/MK.
      Because I don't believe to be a genius if I can anyone can succeed there.
      Surely Naza is less susceptible to hardware not too fine but Thomas, your setup is 100% DJI, tested by developers with Naza.
      It's a bit like Mac OS X,
      fantastic s.o. and very stable, but one of the main reasons is that it has developed on the hardware for which it was sold.
      Good hunting and good luck!


    • Marco what would you recommend to get rid of yaw oscillations in my gopro mounted on a tarot gimbal videos?I'm using a F450 frame with sunnysky 2216 800kv motors and f30a escs.

      Already tuned my PIDs but I can't find a good yaw P value no matter what.

    • Developer

      Hi Esteban, please in the future use the forum for this kind of request, thanks!
      Yaw oscillation are induced by hardware, the F450 is too small to not have them.
      Solution: 3 axis gimbal.

    • sorry I didn't know, is there any way to at least improve it?

    • Developer

      Your F30A are reflashed with SimonK?

    • Yeah Marco, last version, I think it's more of a YAW PIDs problem, I used to fly a naza v2 450 and the videos were definitely better

  • Thomas, I just watched the video you posted of the wobble during flight and it looks almost identical to what I experienced.  I recently did a very similar build, DJI450 ARF with a Pixhawk FC and TBS Discovery plate.  In my first two test  I experienced the exact same thing, then on my third flight I had a fly away :( see my post below to get more details




    Now with the help of people on the forum I am trying to figure out what happened.  One thing I did notice is that after arming the copter I noticed that not all 4 motors would do a consistent "slow" spin.  Based on what people are saying in this thread I wonder if something is up with the DJI ESCs.

    I am definitely going to follow this thread and see how this gets solved.

    • I agree... I would recalibrate the ECSs and try again. Also, do you have the grounds to the apm from the ESCs?
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