Why NAZA work without PIDS tuning and APM not?


All my friends that flying NAZA asking me why i did not buy DJI NAZA as it work from the box.... I build my F450  based on APM 2.6 and still tuning it... Well it still fly like a boat on the sea.. Lots of oscillation etc. My friends have NAZA and they flying without problem :( What is so special with NAZA that APM don't have? I can't make an autotune because i use dx6i so do not know how to setup to make a channel for it... The worst thing is that they have less knowledge and experience then me in RC (i fly helis 600 and 450 size) and they are flying the quads with DJI NAZA and my quad is unflyable because those PIDs thing... WHY NAZA is ready to fly?? 

My setup, logs and video how it wooble...


F450 frame


DJI 2212 Motors with 10x38 props

3DR APM2.6 with external compass

3S 2200 40C Lipo

Spectrum dx6i TX with AR6210 with sattelite reciver.

3DR Power Module for APM

I use arducopter 3.1.2 firmware




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    • hi chris, is there any special set up PID  for carbon propeller 10x38,,, ?

      i need your suggest

    • Hi Chris, 

      Wow, where i can find those sliders in mission planner? When i go to expert params i don't see them... Only i see the numbers... I use stock DJI F450 frame with stock motors and props from the kit. So You suggest that i should lower the params of the Roll/pitch rate to lowee and then it will fly???? 

    • 3D Robotics

      Thomas: They're right at the top of the Config/Tuning tab screen:


    • Thank You Chris i will try this.

    • I think part of the problem is there needs to be wizards in MP that walk users thru adjusting pids. For thomas, something like a wizard that starts with 4 common problems and then each jumps to a new wiz that has gauges to adjust. For example the low end might have a label slow to respond, and the high end might be oscillates and hums.

      THere wouldnt be too many wizards but guessing 4 or 5 might be enuff to cover many or most problems.

  • It sounds to me like you are not following any of the very detailed tuning processes for your Arducopter.  If you just follow the guides, you will have it tuned up in one afternoon. And being too lazy to read instructions on your radio is not the APM's fault. 

    • Hymm.. I read all manual from the http://copter.ardupilot.com/. I mounted my APM on Kyosho gel to remove vibration ( i read the logs and i they are ok as with the manual). I made ACC and GYRO calibration, i made a compass moth calibration.... My GPS and Compass are mounted on higher stand, my only trouble is that PIDS, my quad is oscillating so much... i now lower the gains etc.. I'm not lazy... What is trouble me is why NAZA controller is ready for use from the box and APM is not? Why they just attach it and fly and i'm have to do all the pid thing? It is not easy... My friend just buy a tarot F450 frame, put the naza controller and it;s flying so well.. Why APM can't do it?

    • For one flight change your mode switch to put into channel 7 (i think its 7) so you can turn on auto tune.  You can do this by running the correct channel your radio outputs on into the correct input on the APM.  Use the ground station to set the apm modes, or set them all to stabilize and verify on mission planner that the pwm is in the correct range for that to happen.  1 battery and your quad will fly better than any NAZA system out there.  If it doesn't then you have another issue or issues to work on.

    • jg9 i have only Spectrum Radio dx6i... I still looking how to tune the radio for auto tune but it seems to not have enough channels :( I'm not saying that NAZA is better then APM but its surely easier then APM to conf... And that's why i start this thread... Is there any way to make it easier to make it fly like NAZA? I don't have any telemtery right now...  

    • Thomas I am not familiar with your radio but I assume it is a 6 channel. You can use Mission Planner and set up Channel 7 on the APM for auto tune. Connect channel 6 from your radio to Channel 7 of the APM and verify that the switch on channel 6 of your radio will when turned on will go above (I think) 1800 on the apm you can verify this in mission planner. Make sure the power is off to the APM before connecting receiver to APM usb disconnected too. After connecting receiver to APM plug usb cable in and verify that transmitter channel 6 switch will make channel 7 on APM go high (above 1800) while viewing it on mission planner. (as for the Naza the one I bought was a bad mistake not all of them work as advertised)

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