Wifi video feed?

i just submitted this to the Blog but ill go ahead and post it here as well...

Ok, so I am fairly new to multirotor rc and I've been thinking about fpv gear and set ups when I realized I Have this Wifi Security camera. And with the recent release of the new DJI Phantom vision it dawned on me if  anyone hasever thought to use a wifi camera and integrate it into the Mission planner and Droidplanner software? Its relatively easy to use once the camera is added to your wifi network you just enter the url for the video stream and there you have it! I tested it on my iphone and it works rather well, as far as range goes you could just hook up a really nice wifi router and a repeater like the one used by the new phantom to you ground station.. it would be really neat to integrate this into droid planner i think as well as mission planner ive seen some outdoor wifi repeaters go as far as 5 miles.

The camera supports Ad-hoc wifi networks as well

like I said Im new to this and dont know if this is even an option or if it is worth the effort it would be neat though to have video on droid planner like the AR drone...Just gotta get the developers and programmers going on this..

Here is the camera it operates on 5v 2amps



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  • Oh look its this thread again.

    Will it work? Yes. 

    I mean barely and badly at that. And by that I mean it will have horrible latency, terrible frame rate bad colors and that it will be essentially useless.

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