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  • I need to comunicate the xbee with my andoid device cant find any driver any help?

  • My first build almost all the bugs iron out Still waiting on my GPS and Power Module. I DUB THE "HOBBYKING SPECIAL!"

    HKpilot Mega 2.5
    HK Q450 frame
    Q-brain 25 amp esc
    3dr radio Telem module
    Turnigy multistar 2213 -935 Kv motors
    10- 4.5 props
    Zippy 4500 Mah compact Lipos "12-15" min flight time
    HK batter monitor "may be faulty" lol
    springy landing struts !!

    Turnigy 9x radio system "stock"3692869814?profile=original

  • hye!im new here!and im new in multirotor.im using the hexacopter and hope we can share alot of information here!thank you!

  • Interesting interview with Chris Anderson

  • @Hillary

    I share your thoughts...each time I find a site like this, I go into major absorb mode.

  • new here,so happy

  • Admin


    Ardu may be a shortening of the word Arduino and used to indicate that the original Ardupilot used an Arduino Atmel processor, the 168/328.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Developer

    @Rob J: Stands for Arduino, the family of boards that ArduCopter runs on. See: http://arduino.cc/

  • Is Ardu an acronym?  I feel it must be, but can't find anything to explain it.  I just know I'll be sorry for asking this.

  • They change the folder from "APM Planner" to the new folder "Mission Planner". I have the same errors when I did the upgrade. More than that, all my cash maps are not more working even I do copy the cash map folder from one location to other.

    At least we should be informed about those modification.

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Hi,Im working on a autonomous drones and im using JETSON NANO and flight controller PIXHAWK .Im able to control my drone by giving rc commands on the MAVLINK terminal itself by connecting it with PIXHAWK but now i want a python code from which i can do some operations like:takeoff,left ,right,forward,backward…and i am not using GPS…Can anyone please help me…

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HELP quadcopter: one motor twitching and stuttering

Hello guys,I have a problem with one motor, do not spin and making a sound (videos in attachment), I changed the motor to another ESC and is work, so I checked the connections on ESC and all connections looking great. any ideas or something I can do, iam trying to build YMFC32 Brokking .thank youhttps://youtu.be/LagBqwGbixkhttps://youtu.be/PU20nCxApcs

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Will AHRS_ORIENTATION=8 for Arducopter 3.2.1 on APM 2.5 using a traditional Heli

I have been Reading Chris Olsen posts and watching his videos on Arducopter with traditional Helis using a Pixhawk.I have inherited an older Trex 450 heli with the old Align 3G FBL hardware.  The FBL controller appears to be bad.  So I have an old APM 2.5 without a compass or GPS on board.  I just want to replace the failed Align 3G FBL system with the APM.Now I have to mount the APM under the skids on the heli so the APM will be upside down.I have Two questions.1)  Is the AHRS_ORIENTATION=8…

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Maximum number of Lidar for Object Avoidance

Hi all,I'm setting up my PX4-based quad with ST VL53L0X Lidar sensors (I currently have three) and I noticed that line #24 of the current Rangefinder library (here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/blob/master/libraries/AP_RangeFinder/RangeFinder.h#L24) has the maximum number of sensors set to 10 (ten). Am I understanding this correctly? And has anyone ever tried to setup this many rangefinders (or anything close) with any measure of success?Any input/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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