Control Modes (legacy)

I have the turnigy 9x. I followed the Instructions for the 6 position output. I ran the Arduino uno to monitor the output, working as described in the instructions.  When connected to the ardupilot it is not changing modes, it is also not showing in the Debug for control mode.  I know this maybe an obvious question / answer to some, at least I hope so. Can someone post the PWM levels for the three modes listed in the 2.7. Any info would help.


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  • Well after checking all connections on board, I did find the power pads had no connections, I thought default was servo. I had no power with just my receiver plugged in. I fixed that hoping my problem may have been a reference issues. I still have no change in my modes. however on power up I get power / Red LED, a flicker on the act / yellow LED will flicker, then the mux LED lights and that's it. I can only change modes if I modify the order of the modes in the code. I have a feeling it's something boneheaded that I missed. Any input would be great. BTW no shield. Thanks

  • I'm using mixed flap and gear switches to get 3 positions on channel 5.  What I see is:

    Position 1: lowest PWM

    Position 2: Middle PWM

    Position 3: Highest PWM


    I dont have the values without tearing my plane apart to hook up the FTDI and change to debug output.  The lowest value is 1/6 of full scale PWM, middle is 3/6, and Highest is 5/6 of whatever the value is for max PWM on channel 5.  You might be able to translate that to the scale used on your Tx by finding the range from lowest to highest on yours.  If the range from lowest to highest is 600 us, then for the position 1 you could set it up so position 1 is 100 us above the lowest output for some channel.  Position 2 would be 300 us above the lowest.  You get the idea. 

  • Does the turingy 9x support a variable output from the control switch/dial?

    I know from testing the dx6i it does not.. its a 0 or 1 regardless of the switch being reduced via a potentiometer for its various positions


    I made a switch using a thread on here somewhere, that i also posted on my blog on rcgroups Here

    Using the method I was testing you can change the levels using the variable pots

    I dont know if it will help any

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