• Hi,

    I am also new and looking for a solution to take the input from APM 3.1 signal and link to dc motor driver/shield, is this possible?

    I want to skip using brushed esc to reduce cost,wiring and extra space.


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    How many motors per side are you driving with your ESC?

    Besides getting hot, does the ESC drive a motor when connected to the APM2.6?

    Also, why are you using the CLI?



      • I want to drive two motors per side using one ESC, motor is 300mA, but for testing i had connected only one.
      • yes, motor is connected while getting hot....(Though motor is connected, its actually not turning, leds in the esc is on)
      • used CLI, just to get the firmware version, I am using mission planner in normal conditions.
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      Hi Varunlal,

      How about a diagram or picture of how you have the ESC connected to the APM?



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      WP_20160215_001 - Cop y.jpg

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      Based on your picture, you appear to have an APM clone. I suggest that you talk to the party that sold you the clone as I have no way of knowing if your clone is functioning correctly.

      By the way, do you have the J1 jumper installed on your APM? If you do, you might try removing J1 for a start.



  • @Thomas,

    Is an ESC should be placed between brushed servo and APM?

  • Yes, I concur with TC3. I'm running a Wild Thumper 6WD with brushed motors and a brushed ESC controller. As long as your ESC's accept PWM there should not be an issue. The brushed motors 'humm' at the PWM signal from the ESC but it is normal. You can read up on the PWM theory if you like - very cool stuff.

    APM 2.x would not need any mods to manage brushed ESC's.

    Be wary that some of the brushed speed controllers found on the market takes input from a POT (A dial setup based on voltage). This is not compatible with the output from a RC receiver(Some of the guys have tried to do an arduino encoder for this - not sure how far they have come). Be sure to get a PWM speed controller else none of the APM family would be able to talk with your speed controller.

    Good luck and have fun.

    • MR60

      What settings do you have on your dual sabertooth for your 6AWD thumper : rc standard or microcontroller?

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      Here are my settings on the dual Saberthooth ESC using R/C input (steering/throttle):

      1 off

      2 on

      3 off

      4 off

      5 on

      6 off

      These setting assume the use of a LiPo battery.



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