I'm in a process of building a 4WD rover using skid steering and will be using the APM2.6 as my autopilot.
I do not plan to use an R/C remote control transmitter/receiver for control but I would like to know what type of PWM signals ( there values in ms) are required to control mode selection ( Auto, Manual, Learning), waypoint add/delete and throttle/direction control. These signals will be fed to the APM using and arduino that will be getting commands from an android tablet.

Any help regarding these signals would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    You can try to use suggested default values but it is not advised because you can damage your servos if you make it travel too much. After servo binding you can overload power circuits on the servos and on the APM.

    So you can use these values at your own risk!!!

    Low limit 1000

    Neutral 1500

    High limit 2000

    I would suggest not to use min/max (Low/High) values if you don't know the physical limitations of your equipment!


    Please get a RC Rx, Tx and calibrate your pwm-s. After that you can just use your Tablet.



    • Thanks for the reply.

      So if I send a signal of 1200 it will go to Auto, 1500 it will go to LEARNING and 2000 it will go to Manual ?

      What about the signals required for waypoint add and waypoint delete and throttle/ direction control ?

      I do not have any servos connected to my rover (I will be using skid steering) so overdriving them won't be a problem.

    • Hi,


      It's not that simple. You must assign that specific pwm signal to a correct channel, witch you will need to calibrate later. How to assign


      the signal to correct channel using your hardware i do not know.




    • My hardware has 4 pwm outputs (like an R/C receiver).

      Output "A" will be used for mode selection and it will provide 3 signal values. Depending on the signal value, the corresponding mode will be selected.
      According to your previous post, these values are 1200 for "Auto", 1500 for Learning and 2000 for manual. Correct
      Output "B" will be used for waypoint manipulation (what value is required here ?)

      Output "C" will be used for throttle control  (what value is required here ?)

      Output "D" will be used for direction control. (what value is required here ?)

      according to the ArduRover instructions, The R/C inputs are like this. So instead of connecting the R/C receiver outputs 1,2,5,6 I will connect my hardware (MH) outputs D,C,A,B 

      RC      MH
      APM         Input Function
      1          D                1 Steering
      2          C 3 Throttle
      5          A 8 Mode
      6          B 7 Record waypoint
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