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I have an Arducopter and an Arduplane and would like to build an Ardurover using an existing APM 2.6.

What is the largest frame for an Ardurover i can buy ? 

Does ardurover support 4 wheel drive ?

I want something i can send back very rough ground. Ideally something the size of a go-kart. Has anyone ever done this ?



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    The ArduRover firmware is not designed to control four, separate, independent motors.

    It will control one ESC that is connected to a motor that is driving a 4WD rover chassis.

    As Jesse Jay has stated there are 1/5 scale R/C gas and electric chassis.

    I have seen 1/4 scale R/C gas dune buggy style chassis.



  • I'm working on rover based on a 1/5th scale rc car.  There are no limits on the size you can build, but doubt you'll find a ready to go system.  It's up to you to figure out how to connect steering/throttle/brakes/shifting transmission, etc.     My friend ran a full size Jeep last year in the Sparkfun AVC, but it wasn't using any APM software.   Go kart?      I'd suggest ATV.   A kids ATV would be great project I think.  I just might have to try that one day...   Four wheel drive makes no difference, the software doesn't care.

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