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Before Posting an Issue

Hi All,

Before posting an issue or a problem in the ArduRover Discussion Forum, please check the wiki table of contents, review the firmware release notes in the subforum, and search that subforum for existing answers to your question. Help avoid duplicate threads by finding other members with the same issue and their solution.

When formulating your post, use a descriptive title such as "rover will not navigate to waypoints in the Auto mode" (not "HELP!" or "Problem").

Please include the following information to help diagnose your query:

  • Describe the problem you are having. What is the expected verses the observed behavior?
  • Provide hardware information such as the brand and version of your autopilot, GPS, radio, and compass, as well as any other pertinent details about your rover setup.
  • What version of the APM: ArdurRover2 firmware version are you running?
  • For navigation issues, provide your tlog and/or dataflash log. Click here for instructions on retrieving a dataflash log.


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  • Admin


    Have you checked the Advanced View box at the bottom of the Planner window in the Config/Tuning Tab?


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Perhaps wen u choose that certain option with loading parameters there are none to load ? What about saving some paras first then load ? Just sm ideas.
  • Hi emile, maybe update not at home so cant u go online first ? Or r u disconnected ?
  • I have put this on the APM forum, but got no replies, so here goes...

    In MP 1.2.99 > config > full param list and using the drop down list on the right hand side of the screen:
    Selecting 3DR_rover, beginner, intermediate, or advanced and then clicking the load params button, I get nothing but a blank screen. Other selections do show some params.
    I uninstalled and re-installed MP and got same results.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @TCIII  

    Please don't worry. I know someone will get around to it. I just enjoy fiddling with parameters.

  • Admin


    The undocumented parameters may have EKF in the parameter name. If so, then they are for use by the firmware when EKF is enabled. Are you using a Pixhawk as EKF only works on a Pixhawk.

    As far as the skid steering not being functional, I wish that I could help you out, but I no longer have any skid steering rovers around. I had two, but they belonged to some clients I was working for and they have gone to their respective owners.

    What symptoms are you seeing with the nonfunctioning skid steering code? About a week ago one of my clients loaded a v2.45 beta version onto his Wild Thumper and it appeared to work okay. Whatever has changed, must have happened over the last week


    TCIII Admin

  • Yes I checked that and it was set at 1. I also saw a whole bunch of undocumented parameters... way cool.

  • Admin


    Did you make sure in the Full Parameter List that Skid_Steer_Out was still set to 1?


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Not sure where to put this so...

    Just for fun and to learn more, I tried the latest rover firmware and it appears the skid steering is not working. So I went back to the 2.45 with skid working. NBD

  • I don't care, this is a decent quality 5 ch that I can afford with a 3 position switch.  Much better than my alt at hobbyking.  As soon as possible, I am buying one.

    Havent even bought the new RC, an am already to get the

This reply was deleted.

New rover advice

Hi, i am looking to build a new rover, but i need some advice on the chassis. I like the 4wd chassis/tank look and prefer it over the crawler/rc look.are those any good though? most people recommend crawlers.I am looking to get something from banggood, any advice will be highly appreciated. thanks

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skid steer vehicle steering uncontrollable

Hi all, I have a skid steer robot using a pixhawk cube, one 1x15 roboclaw motor controller and a dagu wild thumper 4 wheel chassis. I have skid steering working so far, testing motor c and motor d tests works as described and the vehicle can be controlled in manual mode. However, upon using any mode other than manual mode the rover wants to shake and pivot on the spot, and it seems the steering PID controller oscillates and these oscillations get larger. i have tried everything but it is still…

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Traxxas X-Maxx ROVER ESC advice

Hi,I have converted a Traxxas X-Maxx into a rover using the Pixhawk Cube 2 controller kit with a Here GNSS.I swapped out the original X-Maxx remote controller for an X6R receiver and Taranis QX7 radio.latest version of ArduRover firmware installed as of 8/11/18.  The rover has an EZRun Max6 ESC. The problem now is the ESC control over the transition into reverse. The ESC is currently set to it's Running Mode Option 2: "Forward/Reverse with Break", AKA the "Double Click Method".What this mode…

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Help! No throttle or steering response!

Hi all.I know this is an Adurover group, but Thought I would reach out and try my odds for some help as I'm perplexed by this problem. I have a Traxxas X-Maxx set up with a Pixhawk Cube 2.1 and the Here GPS. I'm using a Tarranis X7 remote controller and a X8R Sbus Receiver. I'm using QGroundControl with the latest, Pixhawk 1.8.0 Firmware with the Generic Rover airframe profile installed. As instructed, I have Steering servo wired into Main 2 and Throttle ESC wired into Main 4. Sensors are…

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