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  • I will know in the next few days if I am staying in Sydney or relocating.

    I like the idea of some company to help make these machines work well.

    Now that I have my small quadcopter flying OK, I would like to get FPV working well too. I am trying to put 2 cameras on the quad, a Hero GoPro and a small Sony CCD. I like the idea of being able to switch back and forth between them.

  • guys from sydney - myself and some friends fly nearly every weekend around sydney, try to go somewhere different everytime. if anyone wants to come, send us a msg lets get the sydney scene up and running!

  • A Sydney group would be good, I'd join too.

  • Maybe you should start a group in Sydney, I'll join!
  • Are there any groups in Sydney playing with quadcopters for a hobby?

    When and where?

  • Article from the ABC today -

  • Developer

    Hi Jay, I think the media will give a good crack but I don't think they will succeed.

    I am from Adelaide out near TTP of north east road.

  • Hi to all, my first post here great to see an active forum for AUV's in Australia. It was mentioned CASA has begun overhauling the rules, does any one know when this might actually happen. I also liked the letter by David, this paranoia of drones is just the beginning, id say they better get used to it, exponential growth in this technology is imminent.(Any one from South Australia)

  • This is also where AUVSI's media unit could help... you could try alerting Melanie Hinton, Senior Communications Manager, to these articles and see if you can't get her (or her team) to talk to The Age and offer them some credible information on the industry and the usage of drones.

  • David, that letter looks great.  It would certainly be fantastic if we could get the media on our side, to forestall any fear-mongering and the resultant hysteria/paranoia like what is happening in the U.S.

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Splash drone modification

Hi I'm new here from Melbourne, I bought a splash drone fishing drone. It was ok never flew quite as nice as my old phantom 3 ever did. Anyway it run out of battery 350m out to sea and took a load of water and everything is toasted. It does turn on but won't arm. Im thinking of gutting it but motors and the drop mechanism and putting a custom drone internals Now I literally have no idea where to begin with this. All I need is 500m range and GPS return to home and a trigger for drop mech . I…

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E384 Mapping / Surveying Drone kit - never used

This is an unused like new equipment. I have recently changed my career path and unfortunately this project never took off the ground. The kit includes: • Never used E384 fixed wing drone kit (some details could be found here: • NDVI Camera – NGB Converted Canon S110 Camera (can also sell additional Cannon S110 with      regular lens) • Costume build galvanized steel heavy duty carrier case • PVC stand Selling for…

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Hi guys,I've been into drones for a few years as a hobby, and recently got a Mavic Pro.  I've posted a few pics & videos on my facebook & instagram, and I've been really surprised by the number of friends who've asked me to do work for their businesses.I work full time so droning is still a hobby, but I learn more everyday, and I reckon there have to be hundreds of others out there like me who'd like to make a bit of money on the side.So I've set up - it works like…

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