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  • I finally managed to compile the code from ubuntu and then transfering the executable to bbb.

    I'm trying to add a new driver to ardupilot, and it appears to not work with the BBBmini, when I try to obtain the i2c buse, I issue the following command _dev(hal.i2c_mgr->get_device(1, AP_RANGE_FINDER_TERARANGERI2C_DEFAULT_ADDR))

    the _dev variable is not initialized after that, do you have an idea?

    The i2c and spi buses management in ardupilot have changed quite a bit since the last 3 weeks.

  • Hello Mirko, I checked with my development branch rebased with the latest master.
    Yes I use waf locally on the BBB

    the command
    waf configure --board=bbbmini
    has been issued after

    git submodule update --init --recursive

    and not before as stated in your wiki

    and yes I use waf

  • @Anemos Technologies

    Just checked that with latest master, all seems fine here. Do you use waf build system?



  • Hello, After trying to install a new fresh build on my bbbmini, and trying to compile the ardupilot code, I got the following message : Could not find real exec path to arm-linux-gnueabihf-ar in path_list ['/home/debian/bin', '/usr/local/bin', '/usr/bin', '/bin', '/usr/local/games', '/usr/games', '/usr/bin']:
    (complete log in /home/debian/ardupilot/build/config.log)

    has anybody an idea where the problem could come from ?

    This is not a path problem, as the executable arm-linux-gnueabihf-ar is well present under /usr/bin


  • Admin

    To all BBBMINI ROV users: If you are using QGC with your BBBMINI the MS5837 pressure sensor parameter SCALED_PRESSURE2 is not grouped with the SCALED_PRESSURE parameter in the MAVLink Inspector window and is off the bottom of the MAVLink Inspector window parameter list incase you were wondering where it is.



  • That's great Mirko, thanks very much going to the effort to do that for a very small minority of BBBmini users.



  • Admin

    Hi Mirko,

    Thank you for your efforts to integrate the MS5837 pressure sensor into the BBBMINI sensor suite.



  • Admin

    @Anemos Technologies,

    The MS5837 is a very accurate pressure sensor for use in underwater ROVs and its availability and use with the BBBMINI will help promote the use of the BBBMINI for ROV navigational control



  • Hello all,

    What is the benefit of using this type of sensor compared to the one that is already working with bbbmini ?

  • @Thomas

    Thanks for providing me a MS5837 sensor. First you are right, the sensor is not recognized by i2cdetect. But with i2cdump you can see that the MS5837 is answering to I2C requests from the Beagle Bone. I made some small modifications and the sensor is "accepted" as baro by arducopter. As the next the MS5611 driver has to be modified to report the right depth. I do not know if there is already a driver in ArduSub?

    Result: MS5837 can be used with BBBmini.



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Build drone BBBmini

I saw on the Linus page that he stopped selling the BBBmini kit, so I ordered a shenzhen2u, it arrived in 30 to 40 days.In the kit, it features a mounting bracket for the HC-SR04, my question is: should it be mounted in front of the drone, to avoid obstacles / collisions? Or should it be mounted below the drone for the altitude hold function? Or can I put 2 sensors: one to avoid frontal collision and another to hold altitude?I found in Banggood a breakout board with the I2C and UART…

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BBBmini / Matek HUBOSD8-SE / Current & Voltage sensing

First time poster and newb DIY drone builder. So please pardon my ignorance.I've sourced parts for a DJI Flamewheel 450 clone. Obviously the FC is the BBBmini, along with the recommended baro, gps, sonar sensors also picked up a genuine 3dr telemetry radio which will be connected via UART. Finally I've ordered a set of Castle Creations DMR 30/40 ESCs.I'm left with identifying the PDB and motors. I have some used DJI 2212 920KV motors that I may swap out for some EMAX or Multistar 2213 or 2216…

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Get 'SIGBUS error' when I run the program

HI all,I need your help!I use BBG and BBBmini ,when I run arducopter-quad or INS_generic ,I get the error info "RCOutputAioPRU.cpp:SIGBUS error gernerated",I don't why I get this error.I am not good at English.If anyone know how to solve it ,please give me your hand. Thank you!

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