Catapult for a Skywalker plane

3691129139?profile=originalBefore a long time and many practice I learn to hand launch my Sw 168 but I'm not confort because I'm a small woman and it's an efford for me to launch my hevy sw with FPV, camera APM I saw Brett catapult and decided to build one


Now I'm finishing it, only some little details to finish and try but I want to share with you my advances; I'm in winter now and bad weather to fly but good to build. ;)

3691129165?profile=original3691129021?profile=original3691129216?profile=original3691129191?profile=originalThe union tubes are soldered because someone reports at RC Groups that they loosen

3691129243?profile=original3691129036?profile=originalHow I attached

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  • Do you have picture of the mounting points on the Skywalker?

    • Sorry, I recently see your message, It's this


    • It's like the wings one but downside, looks under the Tx video


    • Thanks for the link Cala.  My Skywalker turned out to be so heavy that I think the catapult would destroy it trying to get the plane above stall speed within the two meter length of the rail.


      I did build a catapult for my RVJet.  You can see that video here.

    • Thank's for your video, I work a lot to hand launch my planes, I notice that when you try to handlaunch and failed, you need more power from your motor, I'm not have enougth force and not tall so I replace with motor force to take off.

  • Cala,

         How did this turn out?  Did you ever successfully launch your Skywalker with the catapult? Do you have any video to share?

    • Yes, I succesfully lauch it, but finally I learn to lauch from my hand, I program the radio to move the elevator at first step take off, (now the auto take off works nicely too), I have a little short video from the first time, looks for it and share; the only problem I not resolved is the activate system, is good for a wingspan plane but more difficult to lauch with an airplane, my next build is going to be a phantom wingspan and thinks to use with it. 

  • I couldn't try yet, waiting a good weather weekend :(

    Hernan, si te referis al foro aeromodelismo, quería poder hacer el video primero, pero cuando tengo tiempo esta feo y cuando esta bueno no pude pero ya llegará.;)

    • You need some mechanism to stop the shuttle otherwise it will hit at the end better to take pulley in center and use your bunjee to take the shock.

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