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  • Hi I am an MMU student making an APM 2.5 based H quad3701975263?profile=original

  • Just joined 3701968913?profile=original

  • salam..:)

  • Salam....

  • Hi Bro, Im espen Singapore i saw yr APM loiter video and was stunned by it tuning.

    Im using APM 2 and may i know what version firmware u using? and is it possible for u to email yr PID to becos my loiter SUX always drift like crazy, realli appreciate yr help bro.  

  • Sorry Meez for the late reply, welcome to te group. We are quite active in Diy Drones Msia fbook with over 400 friends fr all over the world. Maybe theyre more comfortable over there. Anyway APM2.5 is really a few steps ahead compared to APM1. Reliable for MR if u pair it with a Ublox gps module (MTK gps is not recommended) . Already tried d full autonomous flight with v2.8.1 n v2.9.1 and its superb!

  • i use apm2.5 for fixed wing and loved it so much but never have experience apm with MR's platform. All my MR's using MK's and loved it too. Maybe i should give it a try one day (if got time and mood, off course! LOL).

  • Sihat..selamat datang ke DIY DRONES MAS..
  • nice! just found this group this morning and now i'm in. Apa khabar semua?

  • Hi!! how do we use the user_hook fast loop for the arducopter ?? 

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I found out that Arducopter Mega Mission Planner 1.8.3 'Auto Trim' Ch7 function really useful. 1) Fly 2) Hover your copter till its really stable (ensure all the Tx trims in the mid position) Switch Ch 7 Auto Trim ON and flick it back OFF. Observe the difference in stabilize really worked!

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