Gauging Interest in the CNC Machine

Since we may be contracting 3rd party to make PCBs and supply parts for the CNC, I'd like to gauge how much real interest there is in buying one of these machines, when we're done.

Keep in mind that this is not a commitment, just think to yourself to see how serious you would be, and comment yay or nay.

Update June 8th, 20122:

Ok, just counting heads.  So far it's 17 people.  Let me know if I missed anyone.

My personal budget for this is $1000-$1200, so any higher, and I'm out, but of course would continue to do my best to get this done for everyone!

Here's a list of "yays" so far (again no commitment assumed):

Dany Thivierge 
 Ellison Chan
 Kevin Bouchard 
Eric Tweet
 John C. 
 924aussie Alan
Dave C
 Nick Joyce
 Andrew Adams

Drive System Survey

Franco Scipioni has set up a survey to gauge interest in which system we want to have on the system.

Access the survey here:

To summarize:

Servo System:

  • has rotational encoders to allow exact motor control
  • position encoders, so that tool head can be positioned precisely
  • uses DC motors
  • requires development or use of a custom circuit board to drive the motors
  • more expensive solution

Stepper System

  • no rotational encoders, so will not allow exact motor control
  • position encoders, may still be possible
  • uses stepper motors
  • no custom circuit boards needed, motor systems easily available
  • cheaper than servo system

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  • Count me in for sure.

  • Hi.  This project sounds great.  I just got through reading the forum on Design Ideas... wasn't clear on one thing.  Are we talking about XY movement with a Z - height bringing down the bit into the material.  Or something that can tilt, come in at an angle, etc. 


    Among other things.  I'd like to be able to make stuff like the motor mount here:


    I can usually get good prices from and  Component prices are usually very good.  2nd party items, not always, but sometimes.  If you have any part numbers you want me to lookup, please let me know.  I know there was reference earlier to cutting and/or not cutting.  So, what will this be able to do?  I'd love to have a water jet for cutting holes and squares in relatively thin pieces of metal.  If there was a piece of wood below the metal (so that you bit didn't jam into your bed), could this also be used in lieu of a waterjet for such odd jobs?


    I live in NM.  Wood dries and and warps here.  I assume we are still talking about a steel bed?  I'm not too late to get in, am I?






  • I'm definitely interested.

  • I'm interested, but this thread doesn't really say exactly what you all are trying to make.  Can you please clarify.  Are you talking about building the CNC machine mentioned in these threads? ---



  • I'm new and desperate to fit in, so I'm game..... I'll post any questions AFTER I read the post though. Actually I've been kicking around on the internet "researching" a CNC build for years. Maybe this will get me started. Be nice to buy the wrong bolt for a critical screw that ends in a complete redisign with a bunch of guys instead of by myself. Will there be a monthly support group for anyone who participates? And some sort of documentation to show my wife that this thing is real and should work when we are done would be nice too.

    Where do I sign?


  • Would LOVE to have one, but I don't have $1200. :(

  • I'm in also!

  • Hi All,

    Im in Adelaide Australia and I would like to be in for a kit but with an option to buy the heavier equipment locally if possiable as the freight costs will probably defeat the purpose of going DIY.

    I will check the freight prices as it progresses.

    Great work everyone,



  • Count me in.  

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