Gauging Interest in the CNC Machine

Since we may be contracting 3rd party to make PCBs and supply parts for the CNC, I'd like to gauge how much real interest there is in buying one of these machines, when we're done.

Keep in mind that this is not a commitment, just think to yourself to see how serious you would be, and comment yay or nay.

Update June 8th, 20122:

Ok, just counting heads.  So far it's 17 people.  Let me know if I missed anyone.

My personal budget for this is $1000-$1200, so any higher, and I'm out, but of course would continue to do my best to get this done for everyone!

Here's a list of "yays" so far (again no commitment assumed):

Dany Thivierge 
 Ellison Chan
 Kevin Bouchard 
Eric Tweet
 John C. 
 924aussie Alan
Dave C
 Nick Joyce
 Andrew Adams

Drive System Survey

Franco Scipioni has set up a survey to gauge interest in which system we want to have on the system.

Access the survey here:

To summarize:

Servo System:

  • has rotational encoders to allow exact motor control
  • position encoders, so that tool head can be positioned precisely
  • uses DC motors
  • requires development or use of a custom circuit board to drive the motors
  • more expensive solution

Stepper System

  • no rotational encoders, so will not allow exact motor control
  • position encoders, may still be possible
  • uses stepper motors
  • no custom circuit boards needed, motor systems easily available
  • cheaper than servo system

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  • Yes, also one for me!

  • Count me in!

  • I'm very interested as well!  I used to write CAD/CAM/CAE software, including lots of tool drivers, plus lots of experience w/ realtime embedded and high performance code, interested to see where you go with this and may be able to assist some on the software side if needed...

  • I would definitely be in for one

  • Folks, looks like we got 17 people with interest.  I've added a list to the top of the discussion, check and see if I missed anyone.

  • I'm in!

  • Sign me up for one :)

  • I've just cleared out a corner of my 'work shop' or as the missus calls it, 'the dining room'. I've been toying with just buying a unit, but would much rather help develop something with you jolly lot.

    In other words, I'm in.

    I'll do some reading this weekend, oh and test to see how my dremel performs nose-down in various materials, with various attachments.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I'm in depending upon price.

    I need something that will mill 2mm carbon fiber sheets and hopefully, up to 1/4" aluminum sheet, but I could live with 1/8".

  • Ditto - I'm game..

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