The elephant in the room, some countries have standards to train towards. Others do not.

I think we should take the bull by the horns and throw some ideas around.

Initially I think this group should be populated by licenced manned aviation pilots and experienced UA operators.

The sharing of safety information and best practice has to be the way forward.

There is a great deal of knowledge here.

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  • I am primarily a conceptual and CADD designer, focusing on the physical construction of new kinds of drones, but after that, one of my main concerns is about how the drone community should start setting standards, before some bureaucrat sets them for us.

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    Should we be starting some written standards? First one being... Thou shall not fly over a crowd or group of people?

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    I  think  is "She" .

    Also looks like college/university grant money. Hate to see it crash and burn & so the  typing/effort to slow her down :).  Zoom on the first photo and see what other goodies are there in the back ground !!!

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    Looks like our this is a propeller candidate has come forward little bit worrying that he thinks flying an AR.Drone is enough flying experience.

    Its a great start for sure but eish learning RC stuff quickly would be tricky. 

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    I hear you Morli

    I was thinking we could bring it right back to simple. I have just taken a Google course and that worked along the lines of, watch video read a little bit and answer some questions. So....

    This is a speed controller it works like this video, how they can be programmed with TX and wired like this

    A few questions

    Then onto the next thing, 

    This is a propeller...

    Really day one stuff but the correct information for the correct bit. It would be a huge job much like painting the Forth Bridge. Taking chunks at it, like eating an elephant one fork at a time would work in the end. 

    It is time to start.

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    My 2 Cents,  Pls don't make  complex papers/documentations that droners need to read to understand safety.   Safety and flight discipline for me is way of life,  if it is not there , then there is no future for this passion+ hobby

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    Maybe not on the group, but our local flight sessions in Melbourne are very safety conscious.  Don't tolerate reckless flying, certainly not around people (much further than the 10m required by the MPAA) and even have a LZ marked out by witches hats that people shouldn't enter.

    I think it is there...  Just maybe not formalised??

    Would I like a piece of paper that said I knew what I was doing?  Yeah, of course.  Would I want to fly with people that had the same thing?  Of course.

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    Humm not much interest then, I wonder what could be done to prompt a passion in safety and training around here? Does the group think a bit of paper might be important to folks?

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    It may not Gary, but it's probably got one of the best shots at doing so. (;

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    Sorry you did that Dean, lets hope it gets traction its an important subject. Ning is a pretty horrid place for nested conversations though. I think we should really try to straighten folks up and head them the right way for free before having to go off to a nationally approved training agent for a bit of paper. I don't think DIYD would ever be able to get licenced to do that everywhere.

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