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Still working on a tray to mount all of the electronics on. What is not pictured is is 2 voltage monitors for the lipos, and the other battery. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Hopefully the electronics on the top that close to each other won't cause any excessive noise or stuff.

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    • That's what I've heard... I didn't want to break any speed records. My thought was to be able to overcome some gusty winds here more easily. I wasn't planing on laminating it completely but going for a couple strategically stripes fiberglass mesh 3M - how they call it - extreme packaging tape?

      That stuff is great if for example applied under the wing it greatly reduces any bending in those higher speed dive pull outs. I always put it on the wing tips and leading edge because you can't tear it.

      If I finally get a chance I will sure post a video and update how it does.

  • Hello Guys,

    just finished building my FX61 and joined the group to see what APM configs you all are using. More pictures 



    My camera PAN & TILT setup:

    • 100KM

      Really nice documentation. Thanks for posting.

  • 3701673338?profile=originalGot mine ready for it Maiden tomorrow if the weather is nice....


  • Just an update on my build. Nearing completion. Just waiting on my FPV gear to clear customs then do some final tuning then a few test flights.

    Just a few highlights:

    -APM 2.6 with GPS.

    -Air speed sensor.

    -2  3s Zippy 5000mah lipos.

    -Stock motor/ESC.

    -Turnigy digital metal gear servos.

    -FrySky ACCST

    -3DR 915mhz Telemetry.

    -Cannon SX160 IS CHDK

    -Auto deploying retracts based on ultrasonic range finder/Arduino Uno + breadboard shield.

    -Blue LED strips for easy physical observation in low light levels.

    -3DR OSD.

    -Camera (Coming soon, Boscam Cobra + 200mw 5.8ghz audio/video transmitter/reciever).

    -Radio is Turnigy 9XR with stock firmware.

    -Ground station is currently in development. I already have an Acer Aspire V5 touchscreen that will act as the main computer, a Vizio 22inch led for my screen, and a 22 inch LCD screen for my monitor (May go to something smaller and change from LCD to LED). I have already bought 2 weather proof cases made by Plano. One is a symmetrical rifle case that was $69.99 at wolly world that has removoable foam inserts that I will just size to fit my components. I am also planning on an antenna tracker using the method described on the Arduplane instructions. I am also going to implement a 4G solution from Verizion using a high end webcam, there will also be an onboard computer. Not a Rasberry PI as I require something more powerful such as the products offered by hardkernel. Let me know what you think! I am kind of bummed about the placement of the Air speed sensor as it was kind of an after thought. I will probably move it and repair the foam and smooth it back out. I am going to leave the GPS under the hood.


    • Very nice.

      Will it be able to land in rough field?

      Keep us up to date with the maiden.

    • For the first couple of flights I am going to be landing in some pretty mild field. So the landing gear should hold up. I am eventually going to cover the landing gear in some sort of foam around the sides so it can take the brunt of the landing if I don't want to use the landing gear. I will for sure post some pics when I get a chance to maiden her.

    • this is just "wow". Very nice!
      You must report, how that flies.

      I am a bit jalous ;-)

      Best regards,


    • Thanks! It might be about a week or so before the maiden as the weather went from mid 50's down to 20's again, too cold! lol. I have a really sweet non congested spot for flying. I am not an expert flyer and have been training on a Apprentice 15e.


  • All am am new to this forum.

    I am flying RC planes and helicopter for the past 3 years. Getting into UAV in the last 4 months.

    Here is my Fx-61 setup.

    Stock Motor, Servos and ESC

    Prop busy testing 9x6 (Max 10,5amp), 10x5 (max 12,4 amp)  and 10x7

    APM 1.4 hardware with the latest firm ware (2.0) and software ArduPilot 2.77 on small tray.

    GPS and Compass

    old 2x2200 3S batteries - get about 15-20 min depending on wind (ordered 5000mah Zippy's)

    Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mw Tx with normal VGA video camera facing forward

    Busy adding Canon SX230 with CDSK camera for downward mapping photos

    Flying weight when everything is build in 1,8kg

    Using with much success the mapping planner GCS. Done a few auto missions and grid flying.

    Busy fine tuning the auto takeoff with 1,8kg load hand launch

    Aim is to fly 30-45 minutes doing aerial mapping



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