• Is this a new product. I can't find it with the link it gives me a 404 error?
    • You can't purchase it as it has yet to be
  • Just for fun, here's a screen shot from the DroneDeploy web portal of a map I made on Sunday. This was made with a stock GoPro Hero4 Silver, resulting in a pseudo-NDVI image (red-blue instead of NIR-VIS). We are finding some potential for this type of image for early season weed scouting. The screen cap, of course, does not represent the full resolution of the map.

    This is ~23 acres captured at ~80m in a single IRIS+ flight with GoPro HERO4 Silver on Tarot 2d gimbal (although the gimbal is optional for this). Auto take-off to auto-land ~8 minutes.


    • Pseudo?

    • Pseudo. As in fake. As in not a real NDVI image, as there is no NIR channel on this GoPro. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't have value. Even with a "real" NDVI or EDVI or whatever your index of choice is, the real value comes when groundtruthing your observations, comparing them to what you see on the ground. Any index by itself doesn't tell you very much. Often only the farmer or field manager has the context to get much out of an image like this.

    • Oh man... why am I working this darn non-fun desk job? (eating is a necessity...) this looks like seriously interesting and useful work.

      What does one charge for such a product (" what the market will bear...."?)

    • David, I paid $497 shipped for the copilot unit that connects to Pixhawk. If you have a Phantom 2 Vision plus it works right out of the box as you don't need a copilot unit with a Phantom. You also get 3 months of basic service free with he copilot purchase.


    • Andrei...that is a serious price...not as serious as the $5k  for the Swiss pix4d software...I like the ops concept for drone deploy...seriously considering it

    • What about data plan? Yes/No? 

    • Data is included with the monthly subscription.
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