4 in 1 esc replacement

For some reason my ESC stopped working.  If i plug in a battery nothing.  If i plug in a spare power module to my pixhawk everything lights up and i can connect via mavlink.  

Where can I buy a replacement??

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  • Five minutes into my second flight on my brand new Iris+ (back on 1/19/15) it just fell from the sky resulting in quite a bit of damage.   Sent the logs in the next day, well, began to send the logs in...I must say I've been quite unimpressed with 3DR's customer service so far.  Took several emails before they said they received the logs, was told it was either the ESC or #3 motor that failed, and that the damage will be covered as soon as I provide the SN (which was sent with the logs).  SN was sent 5 times total, each time the tech would claim that it was never recieved and ask again.  After a week of no communication from 3DR, I called them on Monday and was told "we asked several time for your SN #, but since you never sent it, we stopped pursuing any followup on the repair."   WTF?   While I was on the phone they found ONE of the FIVE emails sent two weeks back with the damned SN.   So now I've got the quad, it's bits and pieces all packed up waiting for 3DR to provide a shipping label.   I've sent an email reminding them to provide the shipping label they said they would 48 hours ago.....



    • Where's "Colin" when you need him?

    • probably flying a phantom.  I had to call them and two different sales reps told me to order it on the web site.  Finally number 3 knew it was not and i got it overnighted.  Just finished the install and test flight.

    • I always buy at least one extra one extra motor an esd (or 2) because one will generally take the other one with it.....

    • these are the 4 in one esc's that cost 130 each. If this blows again im just going to grab 4 simonk escs and a power module and save 50 bucks

  • Call or email 3dr. I fried my esc and a motor with a little water landing mishap about a year ago. They have all the parts for the iris if you break anything, they're just not listed online.
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