• The SJCAM SJ4000 and SJ5000 are great alternatives and are almost the same size and shape for the gimbal.

  • My GoPro Hero 3+ Silver is giving me fits.  Can't say enough good about my Iris+ though.  The GP worked fine for about a month and a half and then, boom.  The GP will come on when I power it up and then in about 5 seconds, will power itself off, then on, then off, ad nauseum.

    I have tried the hard reset some have described on YouTube to no avail.  Tried changing the SD card, nothing.

    I will be using primarily for aerial mapping and have had decent luck with hard mount.  I added a little patch of 1/8" thick Sorbothane (vibration absorbing polymer) between the mount and the shall and it really knocked the jello out of the videos.  Might have been luck.

    Can anyone suggest a good alternative?  I have a Xiaomi Yi on order from Amazon, due to arrive tomorrow, we'll see how that works.  Having an attachment that allows use of the hard mount would be a plus, but I have a home machine shop and could make the adapter.


  • +1 Mobius with wide angle for video and normal for time lapse aerial mapping. People are using the Tarot T2d with the mobius. There is even a gimble adapter for mobius on a the go pro intended Tarot. Others just hot glue quarters to balance it properly. Will order one soon.


  • I'm using the Turnigy GoPro knock off, I've not had a lot of flights with it yet, just put it on my Iris and seems to take real nice video in 1080, It seems to have all the buttons and ports in the exact spots as the GoPro came with the underwater case and all the adapters for $88 Dollars from HK. Even has an on-board color screen, that the Hero3+ does not. I believe the Hero records up to 60 fps, I believe this cam tops out at 30 fps,The only thing it does not have is Wifi ,which is recommend you turn off anyway, so one less thing to add to your pre-flight far as I'm concerned. I'll be getting the FPV control for the gopro/Tarot gimbal to see if it will work, but out of the box, on the stock Iris mount, very little, if any Jello in the few flights I've tested it with.

  • Need to find a way to dampen the camera, way to much vibration effects the camera.

    • For shooting stable videos the gimbal is a must. For shooting still pictures I get away with just using the front mount.

    • Do you have any damping in the mount now?    I think there might be "cushioned washers" or something similar out there -- like rubber donuts.

      On my Blade 180QX I used two pieces of soft packing foam around the camera, and then had rubber bands attaching it to the body of the plane (with a "safety" string in case it crashed).

      I bought the GoPro Mount and the gimbal primarily to have smooth video.

    • The arm has some rubber washers on them, but it's gonna take a lot more then that to get this stable. They do offer a ribbon extension cable so you can actually remove the sensor and lens off the body, Maybe I can figure out a more stable way of mounting a much smaller and litter part of the camera, but this is just unvi-ewable.

  • I got a modified Mobius to shoot images for NDVI in crops. I am very tired of the GoPro wide angle distortion (the "fisheye" view).

  • Got the Mobius installed, soon as the weather clears up in Chicago, I'll upload some videos.

    ...I have no idea why my images uploaded upside-down, but if you click on them they will be right-side up


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