Loma Linda, CA

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Flying RC is fun! The potential to program missions is even better! I work on environmental microbiology projects that are increasingly GIS based. I also enjoy being in the outdoors and like to try the aerial photography.



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Ryan Sinclair replied to Justin Stiltner's discussion Iris+ operations at high altitude 6000ft-10000ft in IRIS
"Hi. I flew an original Iris (non plus) with a mobius camera in Puno Peru at 12,500 ft. It was sluggish and then I had GPS issues before a crash. I found out that my throttle was close to 100% before the crash. I would run the calculations that…"
Jan 28, 2015
Ryan Sinclair replied to Ryan Sinclair's discussion Iris Crash and Titicaca in IRIS
"Thank you for the response. I just reviewed it and agree. I will not be flying the Original Iris back to that altitude.I like the cloud-surfer discussion on this topic. https://www.cloud-surfer.net/2014/10/10/improving-lift-on-iris-with..."
Jan 28, 2015
Ryan Sinclair replied to Nathaniel Frosland's discussion Here is my new landing gear setup for my Iris! in IRIS
"Hey,I was just looking at the new Iris+ and thinking that this would be a great way to DIY the newish legs. Have you tried to flip the stock little legs around so that they angle out instead of angle in? You wouldn't have to bend your piano wire if…"
Sep 10, 2014
Ryan Sinclair replied to Ryan Sinclair's discussion Iris Crash and Titicaca in IRIS
"Thank you.. I will open and copy the non-truncated log files.  "
Sep 10, 2014
Ryan Sinclair replied to JB3's discussion Alternative Cameras in IRIS
"+1 Mobius with wide angle for video and normal for time lapse aerial mapping. People are using the Tarot T2d with the mobius. There is even a gimble adapter for mobius on a the go pro intended Tarot. Others just hot glue quarters to balance it…"
Sep 3, 2014
Ryan Sinclair posted a discussion in IRIS
I had a crash last month and I attached my tlogs.  Could someone help me figure out what went wrong? Attached is a tlog: I had a downward facing mobius taking time lapse photos of a sewage stream running into Lake Titicaca of Peru. I usually never…
Sep 3, 2014
Ryan Sinclair replied to Keith Fraley's discussion 3dr Iris troubleshooting guide
"My hard landings seem to throw the accelerometer off.  I usually run through the accel/compas/radio calibration again to correct it.  Make sure you do them in the proper order in Mission Planner.
My hard landings happen more than I prefer so I check…"
Aug 18, 2014
Ryan Sinclair replied to Kevin C. Carroll's discussion Quad flips over on power up in ArduCopter User Group
"Thanks for posting this. I just got my 450 size quad up in the air. I had the same cable mix-up as you. "
Feb 11, 2014