Iris Crash and Titicaca

I had a crash last month and I attached my tlogs.  Could someone help me figure out what went wrong? Attached is a tlog: 

I had a downward facing mobius taking time lapse photos of a sewage stream running into Lake Titicaca of Peru. 

I usually never have any problems but I pushed the limit with this flight and took some short cuts:

I didn't recalibrate the accelerometer or compass upon traveling about 30 miles from the last location. I rushed the preflight check and flew despite seeing that the accelerometer was a little off and the IRIS didn't take off evenly. I also didn't check the GPS fix before I took off, even after noting the clouds and sporadic drizzling.  I did wait about 5 minutes but that didn't seem to fix things. The crowd of eager college students watching and the ground elevation of 12,500 feet didn't help things. 

The IRIS went up, wouldn't loiter, wouldn't hold altitude, wouldn't RTL and flew away.  I thought that it would crash into the lake and I would be out one IRIS. 

I realize that was too much of optimism for any pilot but I'm wondering if anyone could look at the tlogs and tell me what exactly went wrong.  

The good news and REALLY good luck:

#1  It crashed into a bush near a main road and only broke props and my temporary mobius camera mount. The mobius camera seemed to have rolled away but it was also in perfect condition after the crash.

#2 A man was standing near the IRIS when I ran over to find it. I gave him 2 soles (USD 0.73) for watching it.  

Other than this crash, My IRIS has been very reliable and I usually have very good landings. 

2014-07-19 10-07-42.gpx.gpx

2014-07-19 10-07-42.tlog

2014-07-19 10-07-42.tlog.kmz

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